Which car is the largest truck in the world? A car the size of a mansion built in Belarus.

BelAZ 75710 is the largest dump truck ever to travel on the earth's surface. In other words, this is not a truck in the full sense of the word, but a tractor unit known as a dump truck. They are usually used in quarries. The largest car was produced in September 2013 by the Belarusian BelAZ to mark the 65th anniversary of the founding of the car plant.

With a dead weight of more than 350 tons, it can carry up to 450 tons on its body (although at the test site it set a world record by transporting more than 500 tons). This car weighs 810 kilograms, which can accelerate to 000 km / h, and if the car is empty, the speed can reach up to 40 km / h. Other parameters of the car are also very noticeable. Its width is 64 mm. Its height is 9870 mm, and its length from the end of the body to the headlights is 8165 meters. The wheelbase is eight meters.

Under the hood of a giant

BelAZ is equipped with two 16-cylinder diesel turbodiesel engines with direct fuel injection, each with a capacity of 1715 kW at 1900 rpm. A volume of 65 liters (that is, each cylinder has a volume of 4 liters!), And the torque of each is 9313 Nm at 1500 rpm. In the bowels of each engine is placed about 270 liters of oil, and the volume of the cooling system is 890 liters. BelAZ can operate in a quarry in the temperature range from -50 to + 50⁰С, has a preheating system for starting at low temperatures.

Hybrid drive

The engine is started by a pneumatic starter with an air pressure of 0,6 to 0,8 MPa. The vehicle is equipped with a diesel-electric engine. Or, as it is called today, hybrid. Both internal combustion engines are powered by two 1704 kW generators, which provide power to four 1200 kW traction motors, which also have planetary gearboxes in the wheel hubs. Thus, both axles are driven, which also rotate, which reduces the turning radius to 20 meters. The diesel is in two tanks with a volume of 2800 liters each. Consumption 198 grams per kilowatt per hour. This gives about 800 liters per hour and a service life of less than 3,5 hours At an average speed of 50 km / h (40 loaded and 60 km / h empty), the consumption of this colossus is approximately 465 liters per 100 kilometers.

Wheels like a mill wheel

The wheels on 63-inch rims, which are fitted with 59 / 80R63 tubeless radial tires with a tread designed for use in the quarry, also command respect. The giant belaz has a double support on both axles. With this trick, the designers of the largest BelAZ bypassed the obstacle of increasing dump trucks: as they grow, they cannot produce a tire that could safely transport such a heavy machine.

To perform all the tasks, the BelAZ 75710, among other things, uses an automatic fire extinguishing system and several video systems that control the area around the car and the body itself.

World's Largest Truck in Action - Extreme Mining Dump Truck BelAZ-75710


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