Here it is: the magnificent Lotus

In the past 2019, a significant debut in the auto world took place. Lotus presented the new Evija electric car. Manufacturers plan to put the new car on the conveyor in the summer of 2020.

Here it is: the magnificent Lotus

This hypercar is already called the most powerful production car in the world at the moment. Despite the fact that the assembly of new cars starts a few months after the beginning of 2020, there are already happy owners of electric cars. 130 hypercars are planned for release. How many will be produced this year, unfortunately, is still unknown. The cost of this British car will be approximately 2 USD.

New car characteristics

Here it is: the magnificent Lotus

The length of the novelty is 4,59 m. The width is 2 m. The height is 1,12 m. The assembly of each car will be done manually. The main feature of this hypercar is an engine, more precisely four internal combustion engines, the power of which will reach approximately 1972 horsepower. In less than 3 seconds, the car will accelerate to 100 km / h. The peak speed reaches 320 km / h.

An important feature of the car is fast charging. In just 18 minutes, up to 80% on 350 kW charging stations. And with the advent of 800 kW charging stations, car charging will become even faster, in just 9 minutes. Automakers expect that 402 km Lotus Evija will be able to overcome without problems without charging.

The Lotus Evija will be produced in the United Kingdom, and production will take place in the former Lotus Engineering building.

All this is reported to motorists The Verge.



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