Here's how to open a car door without a key

It seems to me that sooner or later a situation arises for all car enthusiasts when the car keys remain inside, and the car is closed. This is due to a malfunction of the security alarm system, it locks the doors on its own, or you left the keys in the car for a long time, and after 15 minutes on many cars, the alarm may go off and the doors will automatically lock. There are many different situations - for example, a situation where the key is inside and the car must be opened!

So how do I open the car?

Here's how to open a car door without a key
Here's how to open a car door without a key
Here's how to open a car door without a key
Here's how to open a car door without a key

Suppose we don't have a spare key and we have to open the door. We are looking for specialized companies on the Internet, we call the masters. Your car will be open for you, in a few seconds the specialists will have a special scanner, it will read your alarm code and open the doors for you. However, the price of such a service is at least $ 100. You also need to understand that if they just opened it here, nothing will prevent them from opening it elsewhere.

Suppose we are afraid of such companies and therefore we will open in a different way.


With a wire loop

We try to lower the side window in turn on each door. At least a few millimeters to insert the wire (with a loop at the end) and pull off the locking mechanism. True, this is not possible on all models.

Here's how to open a car door without a key

Lowering the glass is not easy on many vehicles, so the hinge can be threaded into the right corner of the door under the seal. We take a screwdriver and carefully try to bend the edge of the door. Caution carefully! DO NOT damage the door!

Here's how to open a car door without a key
Here's how to open a car door without a key

Through a small window

If all else fails, you can try to remove the small window on the side door, almost all cars have it. You need to remove the rubber gasket from the window, and then the window will come out. You can stick your hand through this hole and open the car.

Here's how to open a car door without a key
Here's how to open a car door without a key

If this did not help, but you need to go urgently, then you can break this small window on the door, also stick your hand in it and open the car. Any official service will replace this cup in a few minutes, but the price can reach from hundreds to several hundred USD, it all depends on the car brand.

Here's how to open a car door without a key

Other ways to open the car if the keys are inside.

Funny and even sad things happen in driving practice. For example, the driver left the car keys inside the car when the button was pressed and the door locked. You see, you will not immediately understand what to do in such a situation. There seem to be keys, but there is no way to get to them. But don't be discouraged. Everything is fixable.

Let's not bore you with unnecessary conversations, because right now you may need to urgently get into the car, and the keys, as if they were evil, are inside.

Before you try all the available options to get inside - first of all, make sure that this is really your car.

It is always worth having a spare set of keys. Even if they are located on the other side of the city, this will be the most optimal and cheapest way. Moreover, when the car is quite modern and equipped with all sorts of anti-theft tricks. If there is no other set in nature, then we continue.

Call the master

who will do everything - in large and few cities, of course, there are companies engaged in this craft, but are you willing to pay them a big sum for hacking and do you have confidence in them in general? You decide;


Break glass

breaking glass is simple and affordable, because next to the car it is easy to find items suitable for this procedure, but then you have to replace the glass, which will also hit your pocket. By the way, you can get off with a small amount if your car has a small separate window in the corner of the rear door - it will be easier to replace;

Lower the window

good option, but that's not all. If you managed to open the window even a few millimeters (this is quite difficult to do). The next step is to thread a thin wire through the hole you need to control to grab the locking mechanism and pull it up;

Here's how to open a car door without a key

Fold back the seal

the meaning is about the same as in the previous method, you just need to try to hook the wire with a hook between the seal and the glass from the outside of the door and remove the mechanism hidden in the panels;

Here's how to open a car door without a key

Drilling or breaking the lock cylinder

you need tools for this procedure. At least with a hammer, screwdriver and / or drill. An effective option, but requires expensive repairs, it is cheaper to just break the glass;

Fold back the edge of the door

fold the upper edge of the driver's door - the easiest way to do this is with a wooden wedge, which can be easily moved between the body and the door, even with a hand. Then place the hooked wire in the resulting hole and open the door lock.

Here's how to open a car door without a key
Here's how to open a car door without a key

These methods, how to open the car, if the keys are inside, will help, first of all, the owners of the domestic auto industry or age foreign cars.

The locking mechanisms of our beloved Zhiguli or Muscovites are very simple, so it is quite easy to open them in an emergency, if, of course, you carefully read the article.

It is worth noting again that these options can lead to mechanical damage to the vehicle. It's up to you to try to get inside or call specialists who probably have a special master key or a set of tools to painlessly open the car.

The car keys are inside and the doors are locked - this situation is familiar to many car owners. The easiest way to open the car in this case is to use a set of spare keys. If they are not at hand, then do not rush to break glass or call the garage. We have collected the best practical advice from a specialist to help you quickly solve a problem.

Expert advice on how to open the car if the keys are locked inside

To open the car, you will need tools at hand, such as an antenna or a janitor. For other methods, you will need an inflatable pillow or a simple ruler.

Here's how to open a car door without a key

Open the car with a wiper (wiper)

This method is suitable for those situations when the keys are left in the car, but one of the windows is open. In this case, you should try to reach the lock button. This can be done using any elongated object, and the wiper is just what you need, it will not be difficult to remove it.
If you can, click on the buttons for controlling the windows or opening the doors. Try to reach for the keys and pull them out of the car. Plug them in or press the button on the door or window lock.

Here's how to open a car door without a key

The second option is shown in the video below.

Unlock Your Car Door With A Windshield Wiper

Open the car with the antenna

Older cars can be opened using a conventional car antenna. To do this, simply unscrew it and perform simple manipulations with the door handle, as you can see in this video. Your goal is to make sure that the lock button starts going up and down. At this moment, you must press hard, this will set the mechanism in motion, and the lock will open.

Here's how to open a car door without a key

Open the car with an inflatable pillow

An airbag or air wedge is a reliable assistant when unlocking the door. First, bend the door open using the available tools. A pair of ordinary plastic or wooden kitchen spatulas will work for this. If not, try using a screwdriver, but at the same time place a towel or rag where you apply pressure to avoid damaging the paint.

Here's how to open a car door without a key

The blades must be located one above the other between the B-pillar and the top of the driver's door (upper right corner), the door must be jammed (if you decide to open the front passenger door, then the upper left corner). Place the pneumocline in the resulting gap and pump air into it; the gap will widen significantly. Once you bend the door a sufficient distance, lower the steel wire into it and carefully press the button on the door lock.

Here's how to open a car door without a key
Here's how to open a car door without a key
Here's how to open a car door without a key
Here's how to open a car door without a key
Unlock a car with a steel scale In 10 secs

Of course, the tried and tested methods of opening a car with a wire and a metal hanger do not lose their popularity. Read more about these and other methods in the article.

Quite a typical situation: the driver got out of the car for a minute, but then the car closed, the keys were inside. What to do in this case worries not only those who find themselves in such a situation, but also those who would like to avoid it.

The car is closed, the keys are inside: how to open?

The algorithm of actions in case of accidentally closing the car door is as follows:

  • Find a duplicate key that is included in the required delivery set for each vehicle sold in the showroom. You just need to go home or ask a relative or friend to bring it.
  • You can try to lower the window of one of the side doors so that you can reach the door handle with improvised means. Not all car models allow this.
  • Use a flat-blade screwdriver and try to bend the seal.
  • On some cars, the rear door glass is divided into two parts: large and small (rear). If you manage to remove the rubber rim that surrounds the cup, it will fall right into your hands. The dimensions of the "window" are large enough for an adult to open the door with his hand from the inside.
  • If all else fails and every minute is expensive, then the only way out is to break the glass. Then you should immediately contact technical support, where for a certain amount - it can be replaced with a new one.
Here's how to open a car door without a key

What to do if keys are lost?

If the entire set of car keys was stolen or lost, then there are two ways out of the situation:

Ask an Authorized Dealer

In the database, he will definitely have the personal data of all customers who made car purchases. As a result, you can get a duplicate of the original key that will look like two drops of water. If you have a special barcode from the second pair of keys at hand, the process can be significantly accelerated. However, in the absence of a barcode, a trader can set a price tag of $ 1000 to replace door locks. For those who do not want to pay such an amount, it makes sense to contact companies from third world countries.

Here's how to open a car door without a key

Many companies claim they can duplicate keys if the owner of the iron horse even loses a spare. According to such companies, it is not necessary to remove the old lock (although, at the request of the client, such an option may be available). The whole process takes about a day. The car is first opened with the permission of the owner, then distilled to a technical center.

Emergency blocking: where to call?

Today it will not be difficult to find a company on the Internet that will open, at the request of any owner, not only a car, but also a safe, an apartment door and much more. The cost of such services usually does not exceed several hundred dollars, and the arrival time of a specialist is within half an hour.

That is why many motorists choose this path, because opening the car on their own can lead to very expensive repairs.

However, you should keep in mind all the pitfalls of this solution:

  • Many car owners fear that their car could be stolen by the same specialists, but in a different situation.
  • Before starting work, the specialist will require documents confirming the ownership of the car.
  • The presence of the police in the procedure is mandatory. The owner himself or an arriving "burglar" can call them.
  • The lock is usually opened after a few minutes with a device that scans the vehicle's alarm code. However, complications can often arise during an autopsy, and repairs may be required, which the attackers themselves will immediately suggest. Obviously, this is an endless field of deception, so you need to be extremely careful.

How not to leave your keys in a locked car?

In order not to get into such a delicate situation, it is enough to adhere to a number of rules:

Here's how to open a car door without a key
  • Keep the second set of keys and the barcode attached to them with care.
  • Contact your car key manufacturer. It is he who can come to the rescue when the main key is lost. Foldable key chains do not tear pants or pull out pockets, so you can always carry them with you.
  • Service in a timely manner and monitor the condition of the car. At the first sign of clogging of the lock or external signs of wear, immediately contact a specialized technical service.
  • If time and money permit, you can install a dedicated emergency software package that can play a good role in an "accident".

Opening with software

Anyone who has seen Die Hard 4 has witnessed a very unusual scene where the protagonist turns on BMW without a key, simply by calling the dispatcher who serves this car.

This software package is known to Americans as "OnStar" and consists of three elements:

  • Computer computer with mobile Internet access (most often using LTE technology);
  • Cloud service;
  • Special software that connects the machine and the server.

OnStar even works in Russia if you drive an American here. The system is far from free

  • The module works even in the background with the ignition off;
  • Control buttons are displayed on the rear-view mirror, which allows you to use the services even with the doors locked;
  • Access to functions through a mobile application;
  • You can remotely start the car, open or close doors, etc.

Something similar was announced by AvtoVAZ in 2016. The company has created an automotive project with an improved ERA-GLONASS system.

The situation is very unpleasant, especially in winter, when the car is closed and the keys are inside. What to do? You can try to lower the window, even break it, or call specialists who will open the car without any problems. But it is better to have a spare set of keys - this way you can save not only money, but also nerves.

Here's how to open a car door without a key

Video tutorial: open the car with the keys inside

How to open the car if the locks are closed and the keys remain inside

In this video, auto mechanic Arkady Ilyin will show how to open the interior of a VAZ car using a regular rope:

"The car door slammed shut or locked, but the keys were left in the car!" What to do in such a situation? It's safe to say that this is an unpleasant moment for any driver.

Some try to take drastic action and decide to break the glass. But take your time, because there are more loyal options.

How to get into the car yourself

Open the machine with a rope loop

Any homemade rope 0,5-1 meter long is perfect for this method. It will perfectly fulfill its function, such as a line or fishing rod. It is worth noting that you can only open the car door with the rope hinge if the door close button protrudes even slightly upward.

Once the rope is found, a small loop should be made at one end.

  • if the car window is open, the rope should go down into the passenger compartment and try to hook the button to close the loop. Then the loop is tightened, the rope is pulled up. The whole door is open;
  • if all windows are carefully closed, you should gently bend the corner of the door. To do this, use the means at hand and be sure to use a rag so as not to scratch the body. You need to bend the corner a little to get the rope inside the machine. The hinge must engage the button to close the door and pull it up;
  • if there is a fishing rod at hand, it will go everywhere. In this case, even the case does not need to be damaged. The fishing line will go into every slot. The hinge should engage the close button and pull up.
  • The rope loop is a fairly simple method, but it will take a long time.

This is one of the easiest ways, as even a beginner can do it in 15 minutes. You will need a wire to open your car doors, if you don't have one at hand, you can use a metal hanger, knitting needle or electrode.

The length of the wire should be about 50-60 cm. Bend one end with a hook.

Once the device is ready, you can proceed:

  • place the wire in the doorknob area;
  • take the door connection;
  • pull up to raise the door close button;
  • the whole door is open.
  • It is worth noting that thin but stiff wire is suitable for this method. It must pass freely through the seal and glass.

Open the car with a tennis ball

This is a very interesting way to open the car door in a matter of seconds. To do this, you need to take a tennis ball and make a hole in it about 1-2 cm in diameter.

Once the ball is ready, you can try to open the door. The hole of the ball should be firmly attached to the lock and squeeze the ball sharply with your hands. A sharp stream of air will open the door. If the first attempt fails, you must try again.


Call of the tow truck

It should be noted that a tow truck is an intermediate step that will help resolve an unpleasant situation in the future. Because he can deliver the car to an authorized dealer, to a car dealership or to a buyer's home. Regardless of the chosen destination, the car door will be open at the place of arrival, but not at the towing workers.
The average price for tow truck services is from $ 100. The price may vary depending on the vehicle and distance.

How to protect yourself from such situations

Experienced drivers share tips to avoid such problems:

  • don't forget to duplicate the keys. Many people decide to make them an unusual shape and wear them around the neck or wrist as jewelry. Some copies of the keys remain at home or are always carried with you in your wallet;
  • It is recommended to switch off and carry keys and keychain with alarm separately;
  • Russians living in harsh winters are advised to simply turn off the central lock. This will protect the lock from freezing and automatic door closing;
  • regularly check the door limit switches for reliability.
  • Unfortunately, it is impossible to insure yourself against all unpleasant situations. Any driver can lock the car with the keys inside. You can fix this problem with special services. However, you have to pay money for such services.

But you can always try to open the locked door yourself with the help of available tools. This will take time and effort. But as practice shows, any motorist can cope with this task.

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