Volvo with new four-cylinder engines in autumn

Volvo with new four-cylinder engines in autumn

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the four-cylinder engines will replace the brand's five-cylinder diesel engine.

Swedish car manufacturer Volvo develop new engines. For both diesel and gasoline engines, Volvo will rely on state-of-the-art four-cylinder technology in the future. The new engines will consume 2 liters of displacement and have a particularly economical fuel consumption.

Volvo engines with higher injection pressure

For this, diesel engines will be equipped with a new injection regulator. Instead of a central pressure sensor in the system, the new technology includes a separate sensor on each of the four cylinders, so that the fuel supply to each combustion chamber can be monitored separately. This allows the correct amount of fuel to be supplied at each stroke and thus significantly reduces consumption.

As an additional fuel saving measure, Volvo has increased the direct injection pressure to 2500 bar. This will ensure more even combustion and further reduce harmful emissions.

Thanks to the turbocharger, the diesel engines cover a power range up to 150 hp. up to 215 hp, and the power on gasoline - 150 hp. up to 300 hp Along with the introduction of the new engines in autumn 2013, Volvo will offer a new eight-speed automatic transmission, which in turn should also contribute to efficiency gains.

In the fall of 2013, Volvo will introduce new engines, originally fitted to the higher-end production models (V60, V70 and S80). At the same time, both five-cylinder diesel and six-cylinder gasoline engines will remain relevant for some time. In the medium term, Volvo will only offer its models with four-cylinder engines.




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