The SUV of the future from Mitsubishi

Latest SUV series Mitsubishi Pajero hit the market in 2015 and will not be updated until the end of 2021. Like the current model, the new Pajero will be built on the GC-PHEV platform.

The SUV of the future from Mitsubishi

The Grand Cruiser Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle was presented to motorists in 2013. Among the cars of the "SUV" class, he was singled out as the largest representative. A feature of the car was a plug-in hybrid power plant. It includes: a turbocharged six-cylinder engine with a volume of 3 liters MIVEC, an electric motor and an automatic machine for 8 speeds. The total power was 340 hp. One charge was enough to travel 40 km.

Characteristics of new items

The SUV of the future from Mitsubishi

As reported car HomeThe updated Mitsubishi Pajero will use a hybrid from Outlander as a power unit. It consists of a 2,4-liter naturally aspirated MIVEC petrol engine producing 128 hp. Two electric motors will work together with it. One is mounted on the front axle. Its power is 82 horsepower. The second is on the rear axle and produces 95 hp. A 13.8 kWh battery will be used as a battery. Now, without recharging on a hybrid, it will be possible to drive 65 km.



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