Spy photos of the new Mercedes E63 AMG 2021 appeared on the network

The German automaker did not try to properly classify information about the E63 AMG 2021, and photos of the new items were leaked online.

A common practice among modern auto manufacturers is to mask new products with film, even if they are still on the premises. Mercedes decided to ignore such a recommendation and paid with another “drain”. There is no exact information about the location of the new item. Most likely, the photo was taken at the plant in Sindelfingen, where the new E63 AMG 2021 is produced.

Spy photos of the new Mercedes E63 AMG 2021 appeared on the network

The photo shows a spectacular sedan without any masking elements: stickers, films, camouflage. The novelty differs from its predecessor in terms of headlights. The lanterns became horizontal. In the previous version, they are vertical. These are the same headlights you can expect to see on the civilian E-Class.

On the boot lid is a miniature spoiler, painted black. Most likely, the color scheme was chosen to create a harmonious combination with the roof. In addition, the very large diffuser is striking.

The photo shows only the design of the rear of the car. We can only assume that the novelty will receive a Panamericana grille equipped with vertical slats. Even the A45 model has already acquired such a detail.

The photographs uploaded to the network, firstly, give us the first idea of ​​the visual appearance of the car. Secondly, this fact means that we have little to wait: the car has already rolled off the assembly line, and will soon be presented to the public.



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