Forgotten treasure warehouse opened in China

Most impressive find - abandoned in 2012 Porsche GT race.

Wealthy Chinese people have a soft spot for expensive and fast cars, but all too often they face an interesting problem - they cannot demonstrate their wealth... The reasons are different - their income is difficult to prove, such brilliance is not well received by the ruling party and, of course, will immediately be suspected of corruption. What does it mean sometimes Rare and interesting cars appear and disappear in Chinawhose fate depends on their owners.

Forgotten treasure warehouse opened in China

Like Porsche Carrera GTabandoned and forgotten in the former Ferrari dealership and Maserati in Guangzhou. According to Periodismodel Motor, it was the first Carrera GT in China, and the car had two owners before it arrived at the dealership, but it's unclear if it was left there for sale or just for storage.

In 2007, the dealer business began to weaken, and then entered a difficult period after another attack on corruption and "excessive consumption" by the Chinese authorities. Naturally, the Chinese people mentioned at the beginning stopped buying expensive sports cars, and the company closed.

The author of the photo claims that the car has been in the building since 2012, and together with it are stored Chevrolet The C5 Corvette Z06 and Ferrari 575 Superamerica are again cars that are unlikely to go unnoticed on the street.

Forgotten treasure warehouse opened in China

The powder-coated Carrera GT is numbered 1255 from a production series of 1270 vehicles, and its Zanzibar red metallic color indicates that it is in fact an even rarer replica - Porsche has produced exactly 3 Carrera GTs in this color... Sure, the long stay was bad for the car, there are probably dried rubber elements, broken joints, etc., but in the right hands this Porsche Carrera GT can come to life.

However, the case with the ownership of the car must be resolved, and it is quite possible that it will be collected by the state for unpaid taxes, hidden income or other similar reason.



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