Installation of light in the car - how much does it cost? How to make an independent adjustment of the light in the car?


Incorrect xenon settings can have very serious consequences, which is why special attention is paid to this when inspecting a car. How to make the headlights work correctly and can you do it yourself at home? How much does a professional cost? Headlight adjustment has a huge impact on driving comfort and safety, so pay attention to this when buying a used car. Better check it out before you hit the road!

Installing a traffic light - statistics in our country

Installing a high beam in Polish cars is not something to brag about. Many cars have headlights installed incorrectly. Every tenth vehicle on Polish roads needs to be replaced immediately. Only one in a dozen has the correct light setting. Such data, based on statistics maintained by the police, is provided by the Motor Transport Institute. Therefore, it is possible that your vehicle needs quick intervention. Don't wait with it!

Xenon tuning - why is it important?

Correct adjustment of the headlights in the car is extremely important, because they illuminate the road and make it possible to move in the dark. In addition, they ensure the safety of the driver, as they increase the visibility of the vehicle. At the same time, they must be installed so as not to dazzle other road users, which can be extremely dangerous. For this reason, lighting adjustment is extremely important.

Adjusting the light in the car with your own hands - is it possible?

If you notice that the headlights are uneven and, for example, one needs to be raised or lowered, you can take care of this yourself. True, such a light setting will not be the most accurate, but driving comfort will definitely increase. So when you notice that visibility is better on one side, stop the car and just make adjustments yourself. 

However, for your safety, go to a garage as soon as possible. Ultimately, setting up the lights in a car on your own, without the use of specialized meters, can be very difficult.

Mounting fixtures on the wall - do it!

One way to more accurately, but still independently solve this problem is to install lamps on the wall. How to do it? Drive the car as close to the wall as possible and then turn on the headlights. Using tape, mark the center of the glow on the wall. approx. At a distance of 5 cm below these points, mark the line with a spirit level. When you move back 5m, her headlights should line up with the one you marked. If this is not the case, the light adjustment must be performed again.

How much does it cost to set up the light at the diagnostic station?

If the headlights are not adjusted correctly, the vehicle may not be allowed to continue driving. For this reason, it is best to visit a mechanic before traveling to a diagnostic station. He will check the performance of the vehicle and, if necessary, replace the necessary elements. 

However, it may happen that your specialist will not notice something and the light will not work fully. Fortunately, some components can be replaced on the spot. How much does it cost to set up the light at the diagnostic station? For this you will pay about 2 euros, including the replacement of the light bulb.

How much does it cost to have a mechanic set up a light?

Light tuning at a mechanic can be cheaper than at a diagnostic station. However, it depends on the workshop itself. How much does it cost to install a light? It usually costs PLN 10-15 at most, but many mechanics will do it for free by doing other things on the car. That's why it's really worth asking!

Adjusting the light in the car - the price of a light bulb

Of course, you won't be able to adjust the light if your headlight isn't working.. Replacing a light bulb costs about 20-3 euros, but it may vary depending on the model, power or complexity of the headlight design. Usually in one lamp you can find several bulbs. Just because one burned out doesn't mean you can't drive on the road. 

The problem arises when the entire lamp needs to be replaced. Then the cost can increase to several hundred zlotys. You have to consider that if you have badly working headlights, it might cost you a little.

Do not fully trust the diagnostic station

Most vehicles are required to undergo an annual inspection. The cost is 99 PLN, so it can't take too long. The testers have a few minutes to inspect the entire machine. Even though they should do their job as accurately as possible, some details can be overlooked. 

Often in such situations, for example, the lighting setting, which is at least theoretically less important, is ignored. However, in practice, the effective operation of the headlights is of great importance. So you can ask the diagnosticians to pay attention to this. Alternatively, have your mechanic run an additional check on the issue despite the inspection.

Light settings - take care of them every day!

Car headlights should be something especially important to you. Look after them regularly. Check their condition first. Cars that are over 10 years old often require headlight replacement. In addition, sometimes they can simply open, allowing water to flow in.

When replacing headlights, bet on new ones. Even if you don't have time to thoroughly wash your car, wipe down your headlights before you hit the road. This will improve your visibility on the road. Just like having the right lighting setup, this makes a big difference.

We install the light - we bet on the good

Don't skimp on the world. If you are already replacing them, bet on better quality models. Don't be afraid to pay a mechanic to have them checked or professionally tuned. This may be a matter of your and someone else's safety, so saving in this case is not worth it. Install daytime running lights in the car if the car is not equipped with them from the factory.

Headlight adjustment is necessary on many Polish cars. This leads to accidents when the other person does not notice the car or notices it too late. Better visibility on the road will allow you to react faster when, for example, an animal jumps into the road. Therefore, this issue should not be underestimated.

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