2019 Ukrainian car market: celebrating tremendous growth

The Ukrainian car market in 2019 showed excellent performance in terms of sales. Both passenger cars and business models are popular. In terms of the number of vehicle registrations, Ukrainians set a record at all, which was held for six years. Apparently, after a temporary decline, the local car market is “coming back to life”. 2019 Ukrainian car market: celebrating tremendous growth According to Auto-Consulting, in 2019 almost 100 thousand passenger cars and business vehicles were sold in Ukraine. This mark was submitted to the Ukrainians for the first time since 2013.

In 2019 (excluding December), 87 thousand new car registrations were carried out. Among them - 80 thousand cars, 7 thousand - cars for business.

There is no exact data for December 2019 yet. However, according to the estimates of the newspaper representatives, this month has become the most productive for the Ukrainian car market. Presumably, 11 thousand cars were purchased. 2019 Ukrainian car market: celebrating tremendous growth Thus, in total, Ukrainians have purchased about 100 thousand cars. 2019 became 15% more successful than the previous year. If the positive trend continues, the local market will soon approach that of developed European countries.



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