Turkey enters the car market: meet the TOGG brand

A new brand-manufacturer of cars - TOGG was introduced to the large public. It is a Turkish company that plans to launch its first product in 2022. The presentation was attended by Turkish President Erdogan.

TOGG is an abbreviation that in Russian sounds like "Turkish Automobile Initiative Group". According to Bloomberg, about $ 3,7 billion will be invested in the new company.

The production facilities of the company will be located in the city of Bursa. The manufacturer will roughly produce 175 vehicles annually. TOGG is actively supported by the state. Turkey has pledged to buy 30 cars annually. In addition, the manufacturer has a grace period until 2035.

Turkey enters the car market: meet the TOGG brand The company has already demonstrated a compact crossover, which will soon be launched into production. The Turkish president himself rode on it. It is planned that electric cars will also be produced under the TOGG logo.

There is the first information about the new crossover. It will be possible to choose a battery from two options: with a power reserve of 300 and 500 km. It is noteworthy that in half an hour the battery is charged by 80%. The battery is guaranteed for 8 years.

In the basic configuration, the car will have a 200 hp electric unit. The all-wheel drive variant will receive two engines, which will increase power to 400 hp.



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