Transformers are real. Proven Renault


Most recently the company Renault announced the release of the machine of the future - Morphoz. Representatives of the concept claim that the car combines ergonomics and unique design.

Changeable appearance

Transformers are real. Proven Renault

The autocar has the ability to connect to a "smart" energy saving system, and also has a sliding body. When switching cruise mode, auto transforms. Its dimensions change: the wheelbase becomes wider by 20 cm, depending on the mode of movement, city or travel. On specially equipped charging bases in the car, they can change the batteries for more powerful ones in just a matter of seconds. Dimensions, optics and body elements are adjusted.

The autotransformer is based on the new electric platform CMF-EV. In the future, Renault plans to use this base in the family of new generation electric cars. Given the variability of this platform, manufacturers equip the car with multiple batteries.


Transformers are real. Proven Renault

The client is given a choice of the layout of the cabin and several options for power plants. An example of such a car is a show car, which includes a combination of an electric motor with a capacity of 218 forces and a battery of 40 or 90 kilowatt-hours. Such a vehicle can support charging from an outlet. And while the car is moving, it collects excess kinetic energy back into the battery.

The Morphoz is equipped with removable batteries that can be used in a variety of ways. For example: provide your home with electricity, power street lighting from them, or recharge other electric cars.

By releasing this car, Renault has shown that it actively cares about the cleanliness of the environment. They find that it is much better to exchange bulky batteries rather than releasing a battery pack for a subsequent separate vehicle. Such an approach in the auto industry will significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment.



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