TOP 5 most beautiful and best BMW models


Since its foundation in 1916, Bavarian cars have fallen in love with sophisticated car enthusiasts. Almost 105 years later, the situation has not changed. BMW cars remain icons of style, quality and beauty.

Throughout the history of the automotive industry, the concern forced competitors to stay awake at night in anticipation of the "muse." What makes these cars unique in their kind? Here are five of the most beautiful models that are not influenced by history.

BMW i8

TOP 5 most beautiful and best BMW models

The world community first saw this model at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2009. The company combined in the car a unique design of a sports car, practicality, reliability and safety inherent in the entire "family" of Bavarians.

The model received a plug-in-hybryd hybrid installation. The main unit in it is a 231 liter turbocharged internal combustion engine. In addition to the 96-horsepower engine, the car is equipped with a main (25 kW) and secondary (XNUMX-kilowatt) electric motors.

The transmission is a six-speed robot. The maximum speed of the model was 250 km / h. The total power of the power plant is 362 horsepower. In this version, the car accelerates to hundreds in 4,4 seconds. And the fatal blow for competitors was the economy of the model - 2,1 liters in mixed mode.


TOP 5 most beautiful and best BMW models

The model rolled off the assembly line in 1999. This car received a lot of attention, as its release was timed to coincide with the transition to the new millennium. The device received a unique body in the style of a two-seater roadster.

Following the announcement, the Z8 was greeted with rapturous applause at the Tokyo Auto Show. This reaction prompted manufacturers to limit themselves to a limited edition of the novelty. As a result, 5 units were produced. Until now, the car remains an object of desire for any collector.

BMW 2002 Turbo

TOP 5 most beautiful and best BMW models

Against the backdrop of the global oil crisis of the 70s, the manufacturer provoked a real hysteria among its rivals. While the leading brands have been developing economical low-horsepower models, BMW is presenting a small coupe with 170 horsepower at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

A huge question mark looms over the start of the machine's production line. The world community did not correctly perceive the statement of the management of the concern. Even politicians blocked the release of the car.

Despite all the obstacles, the company's engineers developed more economical options, replacing the 3-liter engine with a two-liter turbocharged internal combustion engine (the model was named BMW 2002). No competitor was able to repeat such a maneuver and save the collection from attacks.


TOP 5 most beautiful and best BMW models

The novelty of 1972 flew off the assembly line like a rocket on a three-liter inline six. Lightweight body, aggressive sporty look, powerful engine, excellent aerodynamics have brought bmv cars to the "major league" of motorsport.

The car entered the top thanks to its unique history. In the period from 1973 to 79. CSL has won 6 European Touring Championships. Before dropping the curtain in the production of the sports legend, the manufacturer delighted the idols with two unique power units for 750 and 800 horses.

Coupe BMW 1 M series

TOP 5 most beautiful and best BMW models

Perhaps the most beautiful and popular classic from the Bavarian auto holding. The model has been produced since 2010. Equipped with 6-cylinder in-line engine with twin turbochargers. The car develops a power of 340 horses.

The combination of power, agility and safety has made the vehicle a welcoming vehicle for different buyers. The two-door kupeshka fell in love with the young "horsemen". This series can also be classified as a family car.

These are just the top 5 models of this manufacturer. In fact, all vehicles of the BMW family are beautiful, powerful and practical.



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