Car mileage is one of the most important characteristics that you pay attention to when buying a used car. Obviously, the greater the mileage, the less ideal the condition of the car, which means that having bought it, you will have to invest 100% in repairs. However, in the world there are cars that have traveled more than 500, or even millions of kilometers. Yes, such machines always cause increased attention. Although for many such an achievement seems ridiculous.

Are there many cars in the world that have traveled more than 1,5 million kilometers? Yes, it turns out that such a machine is found, although not so often. The question is, why do they have such a huge run? Everything is simple, their owners greatly loved their equipment and did not spare time and money for quality and timely service. Is it hard to believe? Then we offer you the top 5 cars with high mileage.


5th place. Volvo 740

This may seem strange to someone, but many people buy cars to drive them over 1 million miles. Here, for example, Vic Dres from America, in 1987 acquired a Volvo 740. Yes, he had a goal - the maximum mileage of a car and he achieved it. In 2014, odometer numbers reached 1,6 million kilometers. The owner himself said that he did not stop there. Vick Dres said that he treated his car with care, but the car did not receive any special service. The main thing is to change filters and belts in time. Of course, it is important to undergo a technical inspection in order to understand in advance where the car has “weaknesses”.

4th place. Saab 900


Find cars brand Saab unrealistic, because they simply stopped producing. But salesman Peter Gilber from America was engaged in mobile trading, and he managed to keep the Saab 900 model, which he bought in 1989. By 2006, Peter traveled over 1,6 million kilometers. But in order not to "finish off" his iron horse, the owner simply gave it to the Wisconsin Automobile Museum, where the car still stands. By the way, the engine on the car is original, though the body is not in such good condition, because the owner had to drive on winter roads that were processed with salt.

3th place. Mercedes-Benz 250SE


German Mercedes-Benz cars are not only attractive from the outside, but also indestructible in principle. This was able to prove the 250 Mercedes-Benz 1966SE, which traveled more than 2 million kilometers. The first owner managed to drive 1,4 million kilometers on it, after which he sold it. In the second, I drove another 500 km on a Mercedes and also parted with the car. But the goal of the third owner is to make the sedan's odometer cross the mark of 000 million kilometers. The interesting thing is that the company Toyota gives new cars for such achievements, and Mercedes-Benz cost a simple certificate

2nd place. Mercedes-Benz E-Class (240D)


Mercedes-Benz 240D was acquired by Greek taxi driver Gregorios Sanchinidis in 1981. Until that time, 200 kilometers had already passed, but this figure did not stop the new owner, and he began to use the car as a workhorse. Thus, in 000, the mileage of Mercedes was 2004 km. The manufacturer recognized this car with the highest mileage from the history of the brand and presented the driver with a new Mercedes-Benz C-Class as a present, and the Mercedes-Benz 4D was placed in the company's museum. Of course, the car is far from in perfect condition and has gone through more than one repair, but nevertheless, the Greek record remains unsurpassed.

1st place. Volvo P1800


And so we came to the first place. The absolute record holder for the largest mileage - Volvo P1800. which belongs to Irv Gordon. The car was released in 1966 and managed to drive more than 4 million kilometers.

To break the record, the American drove more than a dozen years, but it stopped there. in 1987, the owner of Volvo crossed the mark of 1 million miles, and in 1998 - 1,69 million miles. Already in 2013 in Alaska, the achievement of 3,04 million miles was recorded by representatives of the Guinness Book of Records.

The owner of the car said that regular maintenance of the car and oil change helped him to reach such a mark. Of course, driving experience is also important. In order for the car to remain operational, you must drive the car carefully.

Irv Gordon recommends that all drivers be guided by the manufacturer's instructions and technical regulations, and not what official dealers or a car service employee say. The man also noted that as soon as you noticed that the car makes strange sounds, immediately go for a technical inspection. “The longer you wait, the greater the likelihood of a serious breakdown,” he said.

Chasing after a million run - a decision that not everyone comes to. Many experts argue that the car should not go to wear and tear, and it is necessary to sell it in a timely manner, changing it to another. But looking at the list above, not many motorists agree with this statement.



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