TOP-3 cars that can be bought with Putin's salary


Last year's decree of the President of the Russian Federation regarding the change in salaries for the President and the Prime Minister made the life of the country's leaders a little easier. After the increase, the salary of officials amounted to $ 11800 with a change and almost $ 9500. according to the position.

As the heroes of "Prostokvashino" said, for that kind of money you can buy a whole cow. What car can you buy if Vladimir Vladimirovich gave someone a salary for this purpose? Here are three options:

Renault SanderoTOP-3 cars that can be bought with Putin's salary

In a car dealership for such a 5-door hatchback, they will ask for a little over ten thousand dollars. It is a youthful and practical result of the Renault Logan modification. Modest fuel consumption combined with an ergonomic interior made the car a favorite of young families and people with a practical approach to life.

In the basic configuration of the model for 11 USD will include power windows for the front windows, an airbag for the front passenger, cruise control, a microclimate system and a temperature sensor of the power unit.

Chery Tiggo 2TOP-3 cars that can be bought with Putin's salary

By saving a little on expenses this month, and adding a little over a thousand dollars to Putin's allowance, you can pick up a good Chinese crossover. The second generation "Cherry" Tiggo will be a good budget alternative for Toyota RAV-4. The similarities can be seen in comparison with the Volkswagen T-Roc.

The model is equipped with an automatic transmission with long four speeds. In addition to the standard "Drive" mode, there is a "Sport" option for those who like to test their dynamic driving skills.

Citroen C1TOP-3 cars that can be bought with Putin's salary

The subcompact city car of French origin in the basic configuration won the audience award among fans of nimble cars. The little horse is equipped with a five-speed automatic transmission, parking sensors with a rear-view camera, and a hill start assist function.

A distinctive feature of the model is the adequate response of the suspension to the roads of Ukraine. There are no complaints among car users, although this option will be cramped for a family with teenagers.

If you want to replenish the vehicle fleet with vehicles of a higher class, for the monthly allowance of the head of the Russian Federation, you can purchase a good American or German version in the original configuration. Although the ordinary worker only has access to "a cow for cats - a goat is called." A used "old man" of the Soviet car industry is the maximum that an ordinary person can afford.



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