TOP 3 cars that can be bought with Macron's salary


It is no secret to anyone that politicians in any country receive high salaries. This is not surprising, because the lives of all citizens are in their hands.

The world is cognized by comparison. Therefore, any motorist, thinking about the salaries of the "powerful of this world", involuntarily asks the question: what kind of car could I buy?

What kind of cars could a simple car enthusiast buy if he had the salary of the President of France? Here are three of these models.

Nissan juke

TOP 3 cars that can be bought with Macron's salary

According to official information, Emmanuel Macron's monthly salary is almost $ 17. And the first car in this price category is a Japanese crossover. For that kind of money, dealers will offer an average configuration.

Basic and medium configuration

It will include a standard 1,6-liter petrol engine. The power of the units is 94 and 117 horsepower. The Visia and VISIA base models will be equipped with a five-speed manual transmission.

TOP 3 cars that can be bought with Macron's salary

The climate control system will consist of a standard air conditioner. The cruise control will be located on the steering wheel. Parktronic with a rear view camera, which is included in the Nissan Connect package. A car for this price is equipped with light-alloy wheels of 16 and 17 inches (at the client's choice).

KIA Ceed sw

TOP 3 cars that can be bought with Macron's salary

The next "synonym" for Macron's salary is the South Korean wagon. The Sport Wagon is equipped with a 128-horsepower 1,6-liter engine. The package will also include a manual (Comfort series) and automatic (Comfort and Luxe series) transmissions. Both options are six steps.

Technical data and layout

TOP 3 cars that can be bought with Macron's salary

Such a car accelerates to a hundred in 10,8 seconds. In mixed mode, the "appetite" of the iron horse is 6,8 (mechanics) and 7,3 (automatic) liters per hundred kilometers.

And if you fully pay the entire monthly salary, then the car dealer will offer the Premium + package. It will consist of a more powerful engine (140 hp) and a seven-speed robot.

Skoda Rapid

TOP 3 cars that can be bought with Macron's salary

The Czech sedan entered the top three cars at a price corresponding to the politician's salary. For that kind of money, the representatives of the concern will serve the buyer "in full." The client will be offered a wide choice not only among power units. And they are installed in the latest models in two options. These are 1,4- and 1,6-liter units with 90, 110 and 125 horsepower.

Luxury models

The maximum configuration will include a five-speed manual transmission. For lovers of automatic analogs, the manufacturer offers options for six and seven speeds.

The 2019 lineup has not changed compared to its counterparts last season. The only difference is a slight body facelift and additional functions. It also belongs to this price category.

TOP 3 cars that can be bought with Macron's salary

For a price slightly less than $ 20 thousand, Czech cars will also be equipped with many options to ensure comfort. This will include a climate control system, additional airbags, cruise control and high-quality multimedia.

To summarize

For a monthly salary of political leaders, you can buy decent cars. The TOP contains only three variants of well-known auto concerns. In the showrooms, you can also pick up models from other manufacturers, such as Volkswagen or Ford.

Depending on the configuration, they can also be in this price segment. But those who are not satisfied with the basic kit can look for decent cars in the secondary market. The amount of 17,5 thousand dollars will be enough even to buy a full-fledged SUV, or one of the popular electric vehicles.



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