TOP 10 sports ATVs


The first ATV in history appeared in 1970. Of course, this hybrid of a bicycle and a car was very far from what is now an ATV. But its purpose is still the main reason for the production of this type of transport. The four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle has the maneuverability of the vehicle and the maneuverability of a motorcycle.

A little over ten years later, the innovative transport made a splash. In the late 1980s. there were powerful sports ATVs such as the Tecate-4, LT250 and 250R. Racing models are ideal not only for extreme races, but also for a calm walk in the forest. Introducing the top 10 best ATVs of all time.

Yamaha Banshee

TOP 10 sports ATVs

The race between four-wheeled motor vehicles does not only take place on a dirt track. Competitors now and then create updated models with more endurance and power. Mostly Japanese manufacturers participate in this race. And the first in the ranking is Yamaha Banshee. This ATV is not the best option for an extreme motorcycle. But with dunes and steep climbs he copes with a solid five.

The weight of the device is 175 kg. Motor power with a volume of 350 cc. is 52 horsepower. The model has a reverse gear and an automatic transmission.

Honda TRX 250R

TOP 10 sports ATVs

This ATV is considered the best in the two-stroke series in the category of the series with a two-stroke engine according to enthusiasts of driving on rough terrain. Despite discontinuing production in 1989, restyled and factory-rebuilt versions can still be found in the aftermarket.

The popularity of the model has earned its maneuverability and build quality. So, the rider can turn around on a path three meters wide. The weight of the ATV is 163 kilograms, and the maximum speed is 80 km / h.

Yamaha raptor

TOP 10 sports ATVs

The next copy is fully consistent with its name. The manufacturer has endowed the all-terrain vehicle with unstoppable power, excellent dynamics and stability. In the class of models with 4-stroke engines, it is considered one of the largest representatives. The volume of the power unit is 0,7 liters.

According to the technical characteristics, this is a real racer. Suspension - independent with 231 mm travel and aluminum swingarm (256 mm travel). The maximum speed is 120 km / h. Weight - 180 kg. Fuel consumption is 7 liters per 100 km.

Honda TRX 450R

TOP 10 sports ATVs

Among all TRX 450 models, the R Series is sporty. The rider can choose the option with a manual or automatic transmission. The single-cylinder 4-stroke engine produces 42 horsepower at 7500 rpm.

Endure fans are more likely to choose this option for racing. And it is not surprising, because the racing ATV has a top speed of up to 120 kilometers per hour. He has shown excellent results on various types of tracks. 22-inch wheels provide excellent traction on sand and gravel surfaces.

Yamaha YFZ 450R

TOP 10 sports ATVs

Production commenced in January 2005. It is considered a budget option in its class. The model earned its place in the rating due to the large number of updated versions. So the manufacturer expanded the circle of users.

The MX modification is suitable for extreme sports. Cross version - XC. Engine displacement - 0,45 liters. The transmission is mechanical. Rear-wheel drive. Transport demonstrates an excellent indicator of endurance and reliability.

Honda 400EX

TOP 10 sports ATVs

Another representative who made it into the list of the best ATVs not because of its outstanding technical characteristics. Rather, it is an ordinary ATV in the line of analogs with four-stroke engines.

He does not have high speed, maneuverability and stability. Nice tricks cannot be done on the 400EX. Even a simple race track is a real challenge for its driver. However, it is of interest to riders primarily due to its durable engine.

Suzuki LT 250R

TOP 10 sports ATVs

The example shown in the photo is a prototype of a modern ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle). It was produced from 1985 to 1992. Representative of the first generation of sports all-terrain vehicles (with an engine capacity of 250 cm250). In the motorcycle market, it served as a powerful incentive for competitors. On the example of the 80R, sports models were created, of which there were only three in the second half of the XNUMXs.

The device differed from its contemporaries in its high performance. The motor was equipped with water cooling and a six-speed manual transmission. Dry weight - 146 kg. The ground clearance is 124 mm.

Suzuki LT 80

TOP 10 sports ATVs

Next on the list is the 90s top-end teen ATV. It is considered the most successful version of a motorcycle for cross-country racing. Competitors tried to create a better analog. This is how the Yamaha 4 Zinger60 and Badger80 appeared. Despite this, the LT80 has remained ideal for young people for decades.

The motor is single-cylinder, two-stroke. The starter is electric. Weight without coolant and gasoline - 99 kg. Suspension: front independent, rear - solid beam.

Yamaha blaster

TOP 10 sports ATVs

In the evolution of ATVs, this model is an intermediate link between a full-fledged all-terrain vehicle and a teenage counterpart. Given the size and power of the model, the manufacturer has imposed restrictions on drivers - at least 16 years old.

The sport utility vehicle has been produced since 2000 to the present day. It is equipped with a 27-horsepower engine. Its volume is 195 cc. There are two options in the line - with a manual and an automatic transmission.

Suzuki LT 500

TOP 10 sports ATVs

The last representative of transport for extreme races is the LT500, or "Quadzilla". He has a short production history, like the Banshee. It was released for three years. There is no official version why the manufacturer refused to continue production of the series. Nevertheless, the model was a real competition for Yamaha.

Motor vehicle manufacturers have tried to create not only practical, but also cross-country ATVs. As you can see from the rating, the best of the best are Japanese examples. They remain the most reliable, resilient and fastest in the world.

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