Top 10 most powerful motorcycles


Initially, sports motorcycles were created exclusively for participation in competitions on closed tracks. Over the years, such vehicles have become more desirable for thrill seekers.

And so manufacturers began to develop incredible models that rival professional racing counterparts. Here are ten of the most powerful motorcycles approved for use on public roads.

Yamaha R1 и R1M

Top 10 most powerful motorcycles

Opens the top fastest Japanese R1 motorcycles. In 2015, the restyled version received magnesium wheels, a shortened piston group stroke, a higher compression ratio in the cylinders and a traction control system. The modernization of the power unit increased its power from 181 to 186,4 horsepower.

Top 10 most powerful motorcycles

The fellow R1M has the same motor characteristics. However, in addition to the basic options, it is equipped with electronic suspension and a racing control system.

In 2020, both variants received an updated electronic gas control system and improved aerodynamics. The motor has new nozzles.


Sports motorcycles of this series have been produced from 2009 to the present day. The third generation received improved engines and dynamic suspension. For the first time in the world, a sports bike manufacturer, at the request of the buyer, can equip a cruise control device.

Top 10 most powerful motorcycles

The peak torque is between 9500 and 12500 rpm. At maximum, the internal combustion engine develops 190,4 horsepower.

Acceleration to a hundred moto takes three seconds. And a quarter mile is covered in 10 seconds at a speed of 244,4 km / h. The superbike has taken part in several races at the Brno and Monza circuits.

Suzuki Hayabusa

Another "samurai" has risen one step higher in the top. The unique sports bike has not been losing ground for a long time. It is equipped with a 194,4-horsepower engine. At 7600 rpm, it delivers 138,7 Nm of torque.

Top 10 most powerful motorcycles

The transmission is equipped with a six-speed gearbox. It has an adjustable suspension and front fork. That makes the unit, beloved by motorcycle racers, more stable on bends and when braking.

The bike covers the 2,76-kilometer milestone from a standstill in an incredible XNUMX seconds. The main thing for the driver is to hold on to the steering wheel so that the gust of wind does not knock him out of the saddle.

Ducati 1199 Panigale R is Superleggera

Top 10 most powerful motorcycles

The restyled version of the 1199 Panigale received the letter R (race) desired for adrenaline-dependent motorcyclists. The updated model is devoid of shortcomings that prevented the older brother from staying in the ranking. It uses forged wheels and carbon inserts. This reduced the weight of the motorcycle to 162 kg.

Top 10 most powerful motorcycles

Shortened connecting rods and an improved flywheel lighten the powertrain by one and a half kilograms. The braking system is equipped with four-piston monoblocks from Brembo. The manufacturer claims that the motor develops 205 horsepower. However, on an independent critic's dyno, the unit showed only 194,4 hp at 11 rpm.

However, this is enough to take the seventh place in the ranking.

MV Agusta F4, F4R, F4RR и F4RC

Top 10 most powerful motorcycles

The next nominee for the title of the most powerful motorcycle in the world is a representative of the Italian motorcycle concern. The engine displacement is significantly smaller compared to previous moto. It is 998 cubic centimeters. The maximum power that the test showed was 197,1 horsepower. And this is at a maximum of 13600 rpm.

Top 10 most powerful motorcycles

The fastest speed on a straight line is 299 kilometers per hour. A real racing bullet. On bends, the model also shows good stability results. This is the main thing at these speeds. To achieve these indicators, the manufacturer installs an adjustable suspension for both the rear and front wheels.

Ninja H2

High-performance motorcycles do not always meet CO-2 emission regulations. Therefore, sports models continue to be worn exclusively in competitions. What can not be said about the "samurai katana" H2.

Top 10 most powerful motorcycles

The exhaust system of the motorbike meets all environmental standards. At the same time, its power did not decrease. At the dinotest, the engine showed a figure of 197,1 horsepower. As stated by the manufacturer.

The speed limit set on the H2 is 337 kilometers per hour. And a jerk from standstill to 100 km / h is overcome in 2,6 seconds.

Yamaha v-max

Top 10 most powerful motorcycles

The first serial motorbike of Japanese origin was released back in 1990. At that time, he had a high power rating - as much as 97 horses. Over the years, the model has improved, and motorcycle enthusiasts were presented with an updated brutal bike.

Top 10 most powerful motorcycles

The American test showed 197,4 hp at 9000 rpm. Despite the fact that the representatives of the last series are not as agile as the previous ones, one hundred kilometers / hour is typed in three seconds. This is a high figure for a 311-kilogram "strong man".

Aprilia RSV4 RR

A real racing unit can be found in the dealerships of the Italian manufacturer. He receives bronze not only for a beautiful performance.

Top 10 most powerful motorcycles

The frame design assumes a change in the engine seating height (to shift the center of gravity). The steering column can also change the angle and height. The power unit develops 198,5 horses at 13000 rpm.

Kawasaki ZX-14R

The silver medalist combines elements of a cruiser and a sportbike in its design. Power indicators are 207,9 horses at 10 thousand revolutions. This is the first motorcycle to cross the 200 hp threshold in the test.

Top 10 most powerful motorcycles

The weight of the hyper bike is 257 kilograms. Therefore, acceleration to 100 km / h. is 2,7 sec. And the peak speed does not exceed 300 kilometers / hour. But he is very handsome.

Ducati 1299 Panigale

Top 10 most powerful motorcycles

Gold gets not the most powerful (according to the test), but the light and graceful Italian "car". The Panigale 1299 combines a high level of streamlining, strength and lightness. The dry weight of the motorcycle is 166,5 kg.

According to the manufacturers of this motorcycle, the maximum power at 11 thousand rpm reaches 209,4 hp. The perfect balance of strength and weight makes the bike ideal for extreme moto.



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