TOP 10 best car games


Adrenaline, chases, squeals of tires and brakes. Not only the film industry is replete with such personnel. The creators of computer games further stir up interest in the action genre by creating detailed toys to the smallest detail.

The virtual world makes it possible to get that portion of adrenaline, which is dangerous to achieve in reality. What are these gaming applications? Here are the top 10 most popular.

Grand Theft Auto V

TOP 10 best car games

At first glance, the most popular digital toy is not a car simulator. The plot of the game - the character does whatever his owner wishes, sitting at the keyboard. Thanks to the variety of options, the player can simply try to drive any car he likes.

The script allows you to pick up a car from a rich man and smash the car into small parts before his eyes. For many, this is a great opportunity to take out their anger not on living people, but on playable characters. The latest version of GTA is just as popular as the older versions.

Need for speed payback

TOP 10 best car games

Fans of virtual escapes from the police have long awaited the continuation of the intense NFS. The novelty has already appeared on sale. She took the second place in the rating only because of the small number of reviews from experienced gamers.

Like the previous sequel, this game is full of varied plots. The creators have expanded the vehicle fleet, and added even more exclusive models to it. The novelty is full of tough pursuits not only from the police. The opponents also became stronger. The player will have to use all his potential in order to move even one step in the career ladder.

F-1 2017

TOP 10 best car games

The third place in the ranking was taken by a toy about real men's sports. This is a race car with open wheels. The player has the opportunity to play for a real team, and test the devices that raced along real tracks. The plot features all the tracks on which the Formula 1 competitions were held in 2017.

In addition to detailed graphics, this simulator has more real physics. Even the slightest changes in the monopost settings completely change the course of the race. Entering the virtual world on this simulator will take more time, since everything is serious here. It is necessary to think over the strategy well and select the appropriate auto components. This is the only way to become a real champion.

WRC 7 FIA (World Rally Championship)

TOP 10 best car games

The next “best simulator” on the list is loved by those who enjoy tweaking and tweaking a race car. A sharp change in the road surface does not allow even minor mistakes. In an effort to perfectly pass the checkpoint, the player must "snatch" from the opponents every second. The game is full of dynamics.

But it will only be loved by those who appreciate physics as close to reality as possible. The toy expects from the gamer not just basic knowledge about the car (steering wheel, wheels and motor). She develops a craving for the subtleties of mechanics. Therefore, she has so few fans.

Car mechanic simulator

TOP 10 best car games

The fifth place in the ranking was taken by a less dynamic, but very "addictive" simulator. It will appeal to those who like poking around under the hood. The authors provide a huge garage filled with all kinds of spare parts for different brands of famous brands.

There are no chases, no timed races. A virtual mechanic can create his own unique machine and try it out. In addition to working with vehicles, the creators provide an opportunity to look for the next iron horse yourself. For example, at an auction.

Project Cars-2 Deluxe Edition

TOP 10 best car games

The novelty was released in 2017. Despite this, it has already hit the top of the best racing games. What the creators were interested in was the maximum real physics of the machine. This version is not suitable for those who like to break the laws in the virtual world. Rather, this sequel to the first Project Cars provides an opportunity to test concept cars on real tracks in real conditions.

The gamer will be able to try all kinds of engine and suspension settings. Of course, such a toy will require a powerful system unit with a suitable video card. This is the only way for the "racer" to experience all the beauty of a real NASCAR-style race.

FlatOut-4: Total Insanity

TOP 10 best car games

The fourth episode of the famous car madness has become even more dynamic. More tracks with unexpected obstacles make it harder to keep the car safe. Yes, it is not necessary. After all, the goal is not just to drive the circle the fastest. The main thing is to do it effectively.

The creators of the next installment of Derby-style racing have expanded the lineup. This still includes both small and fragile cars and powerful monsters. The new fun got better graphics and more details. That increases the interest of the adrenaline-dependent racer of the virtual world.

Forza Motorsport 7

TOP 10 best car games

The seventh version of the Forza racing simulator takes only the eighth place in the TOP. Again, this is due to the fact that there are few connoisseurs of classic motorsport among the players. But the simulator continues to evolve.

Graphic editors and screenwriters have not just created a unique fleet of vehicles. It is composed of legends of classic racing sports such as oldmobiles Ford, Porsche, Ferrari and others. The picture resolution up to 4K and 60 frames per second makes the time spent at the monitor unforgettable.

Drift zone

TOP 10 best car games

Tires screeching. Perfect cornering at high speed. Skillful use of the hand brake. Smooth skid of the car. All of these are integral elements of an increasingly popular sport.

Someone is trying to repeat the staged tricks of Ken Block in life, mercilessly crashing their car. Others hone this skill in the game world. The developers have tried to ensure that the picture does not “float” with the frantic dynamics. Therefore, the simulator received a well-deserved ninth place in the list.

Autobahn Police Simulator-2

TOP 10 best car games

As a variety, gamers are given the opportunity to participate in real-life situations on the autobahns. The dynamics of the plot depends solely on the virtual driver. He can drive quietly. Or, by violating all possible traffic rules, it is caught up in the wrath of law enforcement officers.



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