Test drive Volkswagen Passat of the latest generation


A dynamic, comfortable car with a business class appearance. This was the largest model of the Volkswagen concern presented to motorists. The 2019 sports sedan has received a slight visual restyling and some technical improvements.

The car remained in the category of comfortable family transport with a large trunk volume and comfortable seats. The car has remained reliable and economical.

Car design

Test drive Volkswagen Passat of the latest generation

The body of the novelty of the eighth generation has retained a sporty look: wide and slightly squatted. The optics have received attractive running lights. And the headlights are equipped with a road tracking system (react to the steering wheel) and automatic adaptation when oncoming traffic appears.

Test drive Volkswagen Passat of the latest generation

Dimensions (mm.) Volkswagen Passat 2019:

Length 4767
Width 1832
Height 1456
Weight 1530 kg.
Wheelbase 2791
Ground clearance 160
Interior width 1506
Track Front 1584; from behind 1568

Bumpers and a radiator grill have retained the style familiar to this model. The bonnet and doors are slightly larger compared to the previous R-Line. The car comes standard with 17-inch alloy wheels. If desired, they can be replaced with 19-inch counterparts. The size of the wheel arches allows you to put the car on such wheels.

How does the car go?

Test drive Volkswagen Passat of the latest generation

The manufacturer has tried to maintain the perfect balance between the sportiness of the chassis and the comfort of the cabin. The electrical system of the power unit includes innovative technologies that give the small motor the necessary power reserve. In this model range, there are two options for power units. These are turbocharged internal combustion engines of 1,5 and 2,0 liters. They develop 150 and 190 horsepower, respectively. Although the manufacturer claims that the car is more powerful (220 and 280 hp).

The transmission behaves in the same stable manner as in the previous generation series. The package includes two transmission options. The first is a seven-speed automatic (DSG). The second mechanic is six steps.

Independent suspension helps to soften road irregularities. And the steering is very responsive.


Test drive Volkswagen Passat of the latest generation

In this generation, the manufacturer did not please motorists with a hybrid power plant and a diesel engine. However, a two-liter turbo engine is enough for dynamic driving.

Model characteristics:

1,5 TSI MT 2,0 TSI DSG
Drive unit front front
Transmission mechanics, 6 speeds automatic, 7 speeds
Engine displacement, cc 1498 1984
Power, h.p. 150 at 6 rpm 190 at 6 rpm
Torque, Nm. 250 at 3 rpm. 400 at 5 400 rpm
Maximum speed, km / h. 220 238
Acceleration to 100 km / h. 8,7 sec. 7,5

In the latest Volkswagen Passat model range, the manufacturer has added a large number of electronic assistants. The list includes adaptive cruise control with a traffic forecast function. It is paired with a GPS navigator. When approaching a dangerous turn or intersection, the car brakes itself. Therefore, traveling in unfamiliar terrain in such a car will be as safe as possible.

The security system also includes a function for monitoring blind spots, dimming side mirrors, a rear video camera and 8 airbags.


Test drive Volkswagen Passat of the latest generation

Thanks to the impressive wheelbase, the distance between the rows of seats is sufficient even for a two-meter basketball player.

Test drive Volkswagen Passat of the latest generation

The multifunctional steering wheel will facilitate navigation in the multimedia system and car settings without being distracted from the movement. The operating panel has a 6,3-inch touchscreen. The steering column has a keyless start button.

Test drive Volkswagen Passat of the latest generation

Trunk volume 586 liters. In the station wagon, it increased to 1152 hp.

Test drive Volkswagen Passat of the latest generation

Fuel consumption

Test drive Volkswagen Passat of the latest generation

Despite the one and a half ton weight and relatively small engine, the car retained its "agility". Compared with analogues of the same class (for example Toyota Camry or Subaru Legacy), the car is economical even for the urban driving cycle.

1,5 TSI MT 2,0 TSI DSG
Urban, l./100 km. 6,8 8,3
On the highway, l./100 km. 4,4 5,2
Mixed, l./100 km. 5,3 6,3
Tank volume, l. 66 66

The exhaust system complies with Euro-6 standards. The fuel system is equipped with a sensor that synchronizes with bumpers and airbags. In the event of a collision, the system shuts off the fuel pump to prevent fire.

Maintenance cost

Taking into account the novelty of the car on the market, not all workshops have purchased suitable spare parts for standard and complex maintenance. However, official representatives can assist with routine inspections and repairs. The manufacturer recommends to carry out scheduled work at least once a year or after 15 km. mileage. Here are the approximate prices for some of the renovations:

Replacement: Estimated cost, USD (no details)
timing belt with roller from 85
engine oil with filter from 15
cabin filter from 8
front bumper from 100
lamps from 3 / pcs.

Some service stations offer Volkswagen Passat 2019 owners ready-made maintenance kits. The price of such a kit will start at $ 210. It includes:

  • oil filter;
  • cabin filter;
  • air filter;
  • engine crankcase plug;
  • engine oil (the brand can be selected according to personal preference).

Prices for the latest generation Volkswagen Passat

Test drive Volkswagen Passat of the latest generation

The eighth generation car range is sold in three trim levels: Respect, Business and Exclusive. Auto centers sell a 1,5-liter version with mechanics at a price of $ 38.

Comparison of complete sets:

Respect Business Exclusive
Multimedia screen, inches. 6,5 8,0 8,0
Heated seats + + +
Climate control two zones three zones Three zones + control unit for rear passengers
Cruise control + + +
Button ignition - - +
Keyless salon access - - +
Interior upholstery the cloth combo combo / leather (optional)
Hill start assistant + + +
Adjustable suspension + + +
Optics LED LED LED + high beam adaptation
Parktronic - + +
Trunk electric drive - - +

The German manufacturer said that new versions of the 8-series Volkswagen Passat will soon appear on the market. They will already be available with a diesel engine. It will also be possible to choose a hybrid installation option. The auto concern has not yet clarified the details. However, some dealers pre-order these machines. For a complete set of the most expensive model, the price starts at $ 57.


As the review showed, the latest model of the eighth generation Volkswagen Passat is not devoid of innovative developments in terms of safety and comfort. It is still convenient to travel in the car. She looks attractive. And its cost allows it to compete with Honda Accord, Toyota Camry и Huyndai Sonata.

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