Test drive Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation


Despite the popularity of the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf, the manufacturer decided not to stop there. Therefore, in October 2019. the eighth version of the family hatchback was announced. The series rolled off the assembly line in December last year.

As before, the Golf occupies the highest position among the C-class cars. What is the latest generation "people's car"?

Car design

Test drive Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation

Volkswagen Golf has retained its familiar shape. Therefore, it is easy to recognize him among his contemporaries. The company decided not to change anything in the body style. It's still a hatchback. However, this series will no longer have a three-door option.

Test drive Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation

The dimensions of the car have not changed much compared to its predecessor. Dimensions table (in millimeters):

Length 4284
Width 1789
Height 1456
Wheelbase 2636

The optics installed on this car were previously used in models of a higher class. This time, the basic version contains IQ.Light matrix LED headlights. The main feature of this technology is automatic adaptation to the traffic situation. The headlights change the beam of light even without driver intervention.

The novelty received most of the body elements from the previous series. But external changes are not yet a highlight.

How does the car go

Test drive Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation

Given the novelty of the car, there is not much dynamic ride data yet. But a trial test drive has already made it possible to evaluate the model as still a practical and easy-to-drive car.

The Golf 8 is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission. The second option is mainly for hybrid installations. It is a seven-speed DSG automatic. Fully independent front and rear suspension makes the ride pleasant even on poor road surfaces.


Test drive Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation

As for the power units in the eighth series, there are many interesting things.

European versions are equipped with a turbocharged engine with a volume of one and a half liters. The motor produces excellent revs. In the range from 2000 to 5500 rpm. the unit accelerates the car confidently. The manual transmission is adapted for urban traffic.

So, the first - third speeds are short. This allows you to accelerate at traffic lights with greater dynamics. The fourth and fifth are more suitable for driving on the highway (more stretched). The sixth is ideal for the Autobahn. At speeds around 110 km / h. the transmission allows you to drive the car in fifth gear (when overtaking - in 4th). Anything above the 120 mark is for sixth speed.

Test drive Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation

The complete set of the power unit with an automatic transmission pleased much more. Gear shifting is almost imperceptible. The robot is equipped with several riding modes. Including sports. In this case, the rear suspension can also be adjusted for a stiffer recoil.

The second version of the internal combustion engine is a two-liter turbodiesel. The torque is 360 Nm. Power - 150 horsepower. Despite the larger volume, compared to the gasoline counterpart, the diesel engine is not as fast. However, on bends and when overtaking, confident power is felt.

The eighth model's powertrain lineup includes five hybrid motors. Their power: 109, 129, 148, 201 and 241 horsepower.

TCI 1.5 TDI 2.0 eHead TCI 1.0
Motor type petrol diesel hybrid petrol
Power, h.p. 130/150 150 +109 90
Maximum speed, km / h. 225 223 +220 190
Engine displacement, l. 1,5 2,0 +1,4 1,0
Transmission 6-st. mechanics / automatic DSG (7 speeds) automatic DSG (7 speeds) automatic DSG (7 speeds) 6-st. Mechanics

Thanks to a wide range of options, everyone can choose a modification that suits local conditions.


Test drive Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation

Inside, the car received the most changes. Moreover, they did not concern the interior trim itself, but the control systems. The car is replete with the latest technology.

The very first thing that catches your eye is the drive mode switch in the automatic transmission. More precisely, its absence.

Test drive Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation

For the owners of a Samsung smartphone, the manufacturer made a small surprise. Auto opens when you bring the gadget to the door handle. And if you put it on the dashboard, the engine starts.

Test drive Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation

The multimedia system is equipped with an 8-inch touch screen. If desired, it can be replaced with a 10 "monitor.

Test drive Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation

Fuel consumption

The turbocharged equipment gives the car additional horsepower without increasing fuel consumption. Therefore, Volkswagen Golf can be confidently called an economical car with pleasant dynamics.

The novelty has not yet been tested by motorists. However, the operating experience of the previous series will help you imagine what to expect from the new product.

7th generation 1,2 (85 HP) 1,4 (122 HP) 1,4 (140 HP)
Track 4,2 4,3 4,4
City 5,9 6,6 6,1
Mixed 4,9 5,2 5,0

According to the manufacturer, in mixed mode, a 1,5-liter unit in conjunction with a 7-speed automatic will consume 5 liters / 100 km. This means that the "gluttony" of the motors will practically not change. Except for hybrid installations. Their lithium-ion batteries last for 60 km. mileage.

Maintenance cost

Test drive Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation

Since the model has not yet appeared on sale, the service station has not yet compiled price lists for the repair of these cars. However, the cost of servicing the older brother of the family hatchback will help plan the maintenance of the new item.

Type of work: Estimated cost, USD
Computer diagnostics (ABS, AIRBAG, engine management systems) + troubleshooting 70
Camber-convergence (check and adjustment) 30 (front and rear axle)
Complex maintenance of the air conditioner (diagnostics and refueling) from 27
Joint replacement 20
Changing engine oil with filter 10
Replacing the timing belt from 90

The German car industry continues to create cars with a long service life of all elements of any system. Therefore, original spare parts do not need to be replaced as often as budget counterparts.

Prices for Volkswagen Golf 8

Test drive Volkswagen Golf of the eighth generation

Sales of the new Volkswagen Golf 8 in the post-Soviet countries will start in the summer of 2020. Car dealers do not yet provide the actual cost of the model. However, the target price for the base configuration starts at $ 23.

Equipment: Standard GT
Leather interior - option
Steering wheel multimedia controls + +
Main / multimedia display 10/8 10/10
Sports seats option option
Keyless access option option
Heated front seats and steering wheel + +
ABS + +
EBD (brake force distribution) + +
BAS (brake assist system) + +
TCS (anti-slip at start) + +
Blind spot monitoring + +
Parktronic + +
Driver fatigue control + +

In addition to the standard comfort and safety systems, the car is equipped with front and side airbags. The on-board computer contains a system for keeping in the lane and warning of a possible collision. And emergency automatic braking helps avoid an accident if the driver is distracted.

The basic package will include an automatic transmission for 6 gears. The supply of the turbodiesel is still in question. It is also unknown if we will have a variant with mechanics. Motorists are looking forward to both options.


Recently, the relevance of electric cars has been increasing with arithmetic progression. Therefore, most likely, fans of the famous cult Golf are watching the pet's "retirement". The situation shows that the eighth series will close the history of the creation of a people's car, on which more than one generation of motorists was brought up.

Nevertheless, a discreet and calm-looking family car will still delight connoisseurs of traditional cars.

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