Test drive VAZ Lada Granta, 2018 restyling


In 2018, the domestic manufacturer decided to update the people's car from the family Lada... The Granta model has received a number of improvements. And the first thing that motorists pay attention to is an automatic transmission.

In our test drive, we will take a closer look at all the changes that have occurred in the car.

Car design

Test drive VAZ Lada Granta, 2018 restyling

The restyled version of the first generation received four body modifications. A station wagon and a hatchback were added to the sedan and liftback. The front of the car has barely changed. It differs from the previous version of the car only in minor modifications.

Test drive VAZ Lada Granta, 2018 restyling

For example, the washer nozzles do not send an even stream, but spray the liquid. However, the problem with the wipers remained: they do not completely remove water from the glass. The result is an even wider blind spot on the driver's side A-pillar.

Test drive VAZ Lada Granta, 2018 restyling

From the rear, the car has changed more. The license plate frame has got its place in the recess of the trunk lid. Lyada is now equipped with a hidden open button.

Dimensions (in millimeters) of all modifications were:

Station wagonSedanHatchbackLiftback
Trunk volume, l.360/675520240/550435/750

Regardless of the shape of the body, the distance between the axles of the car is 2476 millimeters. The front track width is 1430 mm at the front and 1414 mm at the rear. The dry weight of all modifications is 1160 kg. The maximum lifting capacity is 400 kilograms. The ground clearance of models with a manual transmission is 180, and with an automatic transmission - 165 mm.

How does the car go?

Test drive VAZ Lada Granta, 2018 restyling

In its class of budget cars, Grant turned out to be quite dynamic. The car, equipped with a manual transmission, accelerates quickly, despite the small power unit (1,6 liters).

On a bumpy road, all the build flaws are revealed. While driving, the cabin is noisy, the engine operation is clearly audible. From the trunk, the knock of torsion bars and the fastening of the rear seat belts are constantly heard.

Test drive VAZ Lada Granta, 2018 restyling

Although the production of new items started in August 2018, the engine, gearbox, transmission and body elements will still be finalized. But motorists were surprised by the automatic transmission.

Despite its budget, it turned out to be quite smooth. The gears shift smoothly, without jerking. And when you press the accelerator pedal sharply (kick-down mode), it quickly downshifts so that the car quickly picks up speed. This mode will be useful when overtaking, but you should always make an allowance for engine power. In the last gear, the speed is not picked up so quickly.


Test drive VAZ Lada Granta, 2018 restyling

All cars of the restyled version are front-wheel drive. They are equipped with either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic. A four-cylinder gasoline engine with a volume of 1,6 liters is used as a power unit.

There are three ICE modifications in the engine lineup:

87 h.p.98 h.p.106 h.p.
TransmissionMechanical, 5 stepsAutomatic, 4 stepsMechanical, 5 steps
Torque, Nm. at rpm.140 at 3800145 at 4000148 at 4200
Maximum power at rpm.510056005800

The suspension of all modifications is standard - independent MacPherson strut at the front, semi-independent with a torsion beam at the rear.

The test on the track showed the following dynamics (maximum speed / acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, sec.):

Station wagonSedanHatchbackLiftback
87 hp MT170/11,9170/11,6170/11,9171/11,8
98 hp AT176/13,1165/13,1176/13,1174/13,3
106 hp MT182/10,7180/10,5182/10,7183/10,6

The model received a brake system, which is used on VAZ-2112 cars. One of its drawbacks is that the brake pedal lacks smoothness. The driver needs to get used to the moment the pads begin to grip.

In winter, the automatic transmission only shifts overdrive at a certain temperature in the transmission oil. Until this figure rises to +15, the car will go at second speed. And the fourth will turn on only when it reaches +60 degrees.


Test drive VAZ Lada Granta, 2018 restyling

The car interior is not high-tech. Everything is very simple in it: standard switches for the climate system, as well as heating of some elements of the car.

Test drive VAZ Lada Granta, 2018 restyling

The operating panel is equipped with a head unit with a hands-free function. On the dashboard there is a tachometer, a speedometer and a small screen, the data on which is displayed when the joystick is switched under the steering wheel.

Test drive VAZ Lada Granta, 2018 restyling

The front seats are slightly convex. This makes the landing feel overpriced. The back row remained unchanged.

Fuel consumption

Test drive VAZ Lada Granta, 2018 restyling

Due to the small volume of the engine, cars of the VAZ Lada Granta family remain in the category of vehicles of average "voracity". However, compared to the pre-styling version, there is a slight increase in fuel consumption.

Here are the consumption figures for 10 km. new items:

1,6 87MT1,6 98AT1,6 106MT
Mixed mode6,87,26,5

If the engines of the cars were equipped with a turbocharger, at the same flow rate, they would give out more power.

Maintenance cost

Test drive VAZ Lada Granta, 2018 restyling

VAZ engineers recommend that you undergo scheduled maintenance of the main vehicle units annually or every 15 kilometers. To change the oil in engines with a manual transmission, 000 liters of semi-synthetics will be needed, and in analogs with an automatic transmission - 3,2 liters.

Estimated cost of maintenance work (in dollars):

Computer diagnostics19
Suspension and steering diagnostics19
Engine oil16
Air filter6
Cabin filter9
Fuel filter9
Transmission oil23
Spark plug9
Brake pads (front / rear)20/45
Timing belt250
Flushing the injector80
Refueling the air conditioner49
Air conditioner diagnostics16

After buying a new car, the manufacturer requires the first maintenance after 3000 km. mileage. The list of works will include a scheduled check:

  • timing belt, generator drive;
  • undercarriage;
  • transmissions;
  • brake system;
  • diagnostics of electrical equipment.

The cost of repairing complex mechanisms is not regulated by specific amounts. Most service stations are based on the price per hour - about $ 30.

Prices for VAZ Lada Granta, restyling of 2018

Test drive VAZ Lada Granta, 2018 restyling

The recommended price for the Lada Grants restyled version is from $ 12 for the basic configuration. The most common layouts contain:

Driver airbags+++
Front passenger airbag-++
Child lock+++
Secondary brake system+++
Electric power steering-++
Cruise control--+
On-board computer-++
Wheel rims, inches141415
Electric windows (front / rear)- / -+/-+ / +
Heated front seats-++
Climate system-air conditioning+

Official representatives of the company charge from $ 20 for the top-end configuration. In addition to the above list, such a modification will be equipped with heated side mirrors, speed limiter and LED optics.


Lada Granta has noticeably refreshed the Samar family. Although the cars of the updated series will not soon begin to compete with their European counterparts, in comparison with the outdated Classic, this is almost a foreign car.

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