Test drive Skoda Octavia 4th generation


The official presentation of the fourth generation Skoda Octavia took place in Prague on November 11, 2019. The first copy of the novelty of the Czech car industry rolled off the assembly line at the end of the same month. Throughout the production of all generations of the model, liftbacks and station wagons were popular among motorists. Therefore, the fourth Octavia received both body options at once.

In this model, almost everything has changed: dimensions, exterior and interior. The manufacturer has expanded the range of motors and the list of basic and additional options. In the review, we will consider what exactly the changes affected.

Car design

Test drive Skoda Octavia 4th generation

The car was built on the updated modular base MQB, which began to be used starting with the Volkswagen Golf 8. This design allows the manufacturer to quickly change the technical characteristics of the car without having to upgrade the conveyor. Therefore, the fourth line of Octavia will receive a wide variety of layout.

Test drive Skoda Octavia 4th generation

Compared to the third generation, the new car has become larger. Dimensions (mm) of the model (liftback / station wagon) were:

Length 4689/4689
Width 1829/1829
Height 1470/1468
Wheelbase 2686/2686
Trunk volume, l. 600/640
Volume with the second row of seats folded, l. 1109/1700
Weight (maximum configuration), kg 1343/1365

Despite the use of modular assembly, the manufacturer has managed to create a custom vehicle that is unlike the competitors' models.

The original headlights of the third generation car did not evoke positive emotions from motorists. Therefore, the manufacturer refused to use a partition between the lenses. Visually, it seems that the optics are designed in the style familiar to previous generations. But the headlights are actually solid. They received L-shaped running lights, which visually divide the lenses into two parts.

Test drive Skoda Octavia 4th generation

The top equipment will receive matrix headlights made using innovative technology. It is used in many modern cars. The security system includes several settings for low and high beam. Also, the optics is equipped with the function of correcting the light beam when an oncoming vehicle appears.

Test drive Skoda Octavia 4th generation

In general, the car is made in the design familiar to Octavia. Therefore, on the road, it will always be possible to recognize it not only by the badge on the radiator mesh. The original bumper with an additional mesh insert is located under the main air intake. The taillights and trunk lid have been redesigned with a more modern look.

How does the car go?

With a wide variety of suspension options, the buyer can choose the ideal modification for their preferences. In total, the manufacturer offers 4 options:

  • standard MacPherson;
  • sports with low ground clearance (127 mm.);
  • adaptive with reduced ground clearance (135 mm);
  • for bad roads - the clearance is increased to 156 mm.
Test drive Skoda Octavia 4th generation

During the test drive, the new car showed good dynamics. A clear reaction of the power unit is felt on the accelerator pedal. Such recoil is provided by turbocharging in both petrol and diesel versions.

Combined with a turbo engine and DSG, the car looks more like a flagship sports car than an ordinary model. You can ride it safely. Or you can try to leave behind Toyota Corolla or Hyundai Elantra. The new Octavia retains confidence in any driving style. Therefore, the driver will enjoy driving.


The manufacturer has pleased motorists with a wide variety of power units. By the way, their lineup has been added with some unique options. For example, one of them is a gasoline and compressed gas engine.

Test drive Skoda Octavia 4th generation

Two hybrid versions have been added to the turbocharged diesel and gasoline powertrains. The first is Plug-in, rechargeable, with the possibility of autonomous operation of the electric motor. The second is the Mild Hybrid, which provides a smooth start using the Start-Stop system.

Motorists are offered two types of transmission: front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The first category of liftbacks is equipped with the following motors (in brackets - indicators for the station wagon):

1.0 TSI EVO 1.5 TSI EVO 1.4 TSI iV 2.0 TDI
Volume, l. 1,0 1,5 1,4 2,0
Power, h.p. 110 150 204 150
Torque, Nm. 200 250 350 340
engine's type Turbocharging Turbocharging Turbocharged, hybrid Turbocharging
Fuel Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline, electrics Diesel
Checkpoint Manual transmission, 6 speeds Manual transmission, 6 speeds DSG, 6 speed DSG, 7 speed
Maximum speed, km / h. 207 (203) 230 (224) 220 (220) 227 (222)
Acceleration to 100 km / h, sec. 10,6 8,2 (8,3) 7,9 8,7

All-wheel drive models are equipped with different motors. Their technical characteristics (in brackets - an indicator for a station wagon):

2.0 TSI 2.0 TDI 2.0 TDI
Volume, l. 2,0 2,0 2,0
Power, h.p. 190 150 200
Torque, Nm. 320 360 400
engine's type Turbocharging Turbocharging Turbocharging
Fuel Gasoline Diesel Diesel
Checkpoint DSG, 7 speed DSG, 7 speed DSG, 7 speed
Maximum speed, km / h. 232 (234) 217 (216) 235 (236)
Acceleration to 100 km / h, sec. 6,9 8,8 7,1

And this is only half of the motors offered by the manufacturer.


The interior of the Czech novelty reminds Volkswagen Golf 8th generation. The DSG automatic versions also lack the familiar gear lever. Instead, a small drive mode switch.

Test drive Skoda Octavia 4th generation

The quality of the interior design immediately speaks of the company's desire to bring the car to the premium class. The conventional mechanical switches are no longer on the console. The 8,25-inch sensor is now responsible for all settings. In the top-end configuration, it will be ten-inch.

Test drive Skoda Octavia 4th generation

All plastic elements are made of higher quality materials compared to third generation models.

Test drive Skoda Octavia 4th generation

The front seats are sporty. They are equipped with heating, massage and memory for the last three positions. The salon is made of fabric, and in the top version it is made of leather.

Fuel consumption

To save your budget when refueling your car, you should pay attention to the hybrid version. The Mild Hybrid series helps the engine accelerate the vehicle to the desired speed. This system achieves almost 10 percent fuel savings.

Test drive Skoda Octavia 4th generation

Considering that the sale of cars in the CIS countries began quite recently, not all engine versions have yet been tested on our roads. Here are the parameters shown by the tested front-wheel drive samples.

1,5 TSIEVO (150 HP) 2,0 TDI (116 hp) 2,0 TDI (150 hp)
Mixed mode +5,2 +4,0 +4,3

Octavia with a Plug-in Hybrid engine allows driving in electric car mode on a road section of up to 55 kilometers. The battery can then be recharged from a regular outlet.

Maintenance cost

The experience of servicing the older version of the Octavia showed that the car is not whimsical in terms of repair. Many motorists note the stable serviceability of all mechanisms from MOT to MOT.

Consumables: Price, USD
Timing Belt Kit 83
Brake pads (set) 17
Brake discs 15
Fuel filter 17
Oil filter 5
Spark plug 10
Air filter 10
Cabin filter 7

For full car service, the service station will take from $ 85. The service will include the standard replacement of lubricants and filters. Plus, every 10 do computer diagnostics. Reset errors if necessary.

Prices for Skoda Octavia 2019

Test drive Skoda Octavia 4th generation

The starting price for the new Skoda Octavia 2019 base layout ranges from $ 19500 to $ 20600. In the lineup, the company has left three types of equipment: Active, Ambition, Style.

Here are the options included in the top versions.

Ambition Style
Airbags 7pcs. 7pcs.
Climate control 2 zones 3 zones
Multimedia screen 8 inch 10 inch
Wheel disks 16 inches 17 inch
Leather braided steering wheel + +
Interior upholstery Van Leather
LED optics + +
Cruise control + +
Hold in the lane + +
Rain sensor + +
Light sensor + +
Start the motor with a button + +
Rear parking sensors - +
Electrical Outlet + +
Rear row USB - +
Keyless salon access - +
Interior decorative lighting - +

The basic version will include fabric upholstery, a standard set of assistants, headlight adjustment and dual-zone climate control.


During the test drive, the new Skoda Octavia proved to be a stylish and practical car. It is not without the dynamism of a sports car. At the same time, a comfortable and ergonomic interior will make any trip pleasant.

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