Test drive Renault Duster 2018


Renault Duster was first presented to the public in 2009, since then the crossover has changed its appearance several times. Together with the updated appearance, the functionality has expanded, new technologies have been applied, the quality of the assemblies and assemblies has significantly increased, which was previously claimed. The popularity of the crossover was evidenced by numerous queues for pre-orders, because Duster is rightfully considered the best “public sector employee” for domestic roads.

Car design

Much effort has resulted in a completely new body design: more modern and sophisticated. External changes affected not only small body parts:

  • the trapezoidal radiator grille has been reduced in size, the chrome stripes perfectly complement the overall style
  • the headlights are divided into 3 sections, and the integrated daytime running lights are located along the bottom of the headlight, emphasizing the L-shape
  • square taillights fit into the overall exterior
  • the body is extended by 150 mm, and the shifted front struts by 100 mm allowed for better aerodynamics
  • the roof rails are made of light aluminum, and the protective plastic “arches” of the bumpers of the same color complement the overall harmony of the exterior
  • black plastic inserts on the front fenders are integrated with the side skirts
  • the body is "inflated" due to convex wheel arches and updated bumpers
  • rims were renewed, light-alloy wheels of 16 radius “Thema Black” became available in the maximum configuration.

The second generation of "Duster" - a mixture of brutality and modern style, "clumsy", but streamlined body, distinguishes it from competitors.

Test drive Renault Duster 2018

How does the car go?

On the track, the car behaves confidently, at speeds over 120 km / h there are no jumps from irregularities, although the suspension is soft here. Due to its energy intensity, the crossover “swallows” holes, and this is one of the reasons for the massive popularity of “Duster” in the CIS countries. Confident overtaking can be done only in the 2-liter petrol series. From manual gearbox to the first "hundred" Renault Duster accelerates in 10.3 seconds (11.5 with automatic transmission). In other options, overtaking is better planned in advance.

Test drive Renault Duster 2018

But its main element is country roads and off-road, but without fanaticism.

The plug-in all-wheel drive allows you to overcome obstacles without the fear of getting stuck in bumps.

Sharp descents and ascents are not a problem, because the Duster's ground clearance is 210 mm, the exit angle is 36 °, and the entry angle is 31 °. With such indicators, you can force the mountainous terrain and not only. But such bonuses are available only for the version with all-wheel drive, 2WD feels comfortable only on the highway and country road, especially since there is no differential lock.

Test drive Renault Duster 2018


OptionsPetrol 1.6 2x4Diesel 1.5 dci 4x4Petrol 2.0 4x4
Torque (N * m), power (hp)156 (114)240 (109)195 (143)
Acceleration time, sec13,512,911,5
Maximum speed (km / h)167167174
Dimensions (L / W / H) mm4315/1822/16254315/1822/16254315/1822/1625
Trunk volume (l)475408408
Curb weight (kg)+1190+1390+1394
Fuel tank (l)505050
SteeringElectrically operated railSameSame
Brakes (front / rear)Ventilated discs / DiscSameSame
Test drive Renault Duster 2018


The interior of the car has been updated, the structure remains the same simple, but the quality of materials and assembly has improved. The new Duster in the maximum configuration received climate control, a multifunctional multimedia system with a touch screen, blind spot monitoring, keyless entry and much more.

The seats have acquired an anatomical shape, which will be accompanied by comfort on a long trip. All trim levels are provided for the lumbar support, as well as a special shaped driver's armrest. The view, thanks to the large windows and rear-view mirrors, allows you to control the situation in 360 °.

The original instrument panel is bent, which allows reading the readings without stress. A compass and inclinometer were added to the standard set of indicators. The four-spoke steering wheel with an offset "sits" pleasantly in the hands, is adjustable in height and reach. The volume of the glove box and the shelf above it has increased.

The control unit is made of three "krutilok", one of which is integrated with a mini-display with data on the temperature in the cabin. Between the driver and the passenger there is an uncomplicated console, where the drive selection washer was moved (Auto, 4WD, Lock).

Fuel consumption

EnginePetrol 1.6 2x4Diesel 1.5 dci 4x4Petrol 2.0 4x4
City (l / 100km)9,35,911,3
Route (l / 100km)6,35,07,2
Mixed (L / 100km)7,45,38,7

Maintenance cost

According to the regulations, TO-1 is carried out every 15 km, TO-000 every 2 km, TO-30 every 000 km, TO-3 every 75 km. Average maintenance cost table for Renault Duster:

Name of worksParts / MaterialsPrice $ (including works)
TO-1 (engine oil change)Oil filter, air120
TO-2 (replacement of engine oil, air filter, cabin filter, spark plugs)Engine oil, oil, air and cabin filters, spark plugs140
TO-3 (all work on TO-2 + replacement of the drive belt)All TO-2 materials, alternator / air conditioner belt160
TO-4 (all work on TO-3 + replacement of the timing belt and pump, cleaning the pads from dust)All TO-2 materials, timing belt450

Prices for Renault Duster

The updated model starts at $ 9600. The basic version of Access has a driver's Airbag, ABS, bumpers not painted in body color, EUR.

The Life package starts at $ 11500 and includes: four-wheel drive, power accessories, air conditioning, front passenger Airbag, radio with Bluetooth, central locking.

The Drive package starts at $ 13300 and includes: alloy wheels, Radio Connect audio system, heated front seats, air conditioning, heated windshield, leather steering wheel.

Adventure grade (maximum) from $ 14500, includes combined seat upholstery, ON / OFF ROAD package: ESP, HSA, TPMS, TCS systems, touch screen multimedia, cruise control, Renault Start remote engine start, pressure control system in tires, etc.

Test drive Renault Duster 2018


Renault Duster of the new generation is significantly different from its predecessor. Having listened to the owners of the model, the engineers resolved the issues of insufficient build quality and materials used. Driving and performance have also been improved, but to get a feel for the new crossover's character on the track and off-road, you should get behind the wheel of the Renault Duster.



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