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Opel The Insignia inherited some of the engine and gearbox models from its predecessor, the Vectra C. The Insignia also inherited three body styles from which it can be purchased. Compared to Vectra, the Insignia inside seems tighter, but the quality of the interior is noticeably better.

📌Exterior Opel Insignia

The exterior of this car completely changed the style of the Opel brand several years ago. Note that compared to the concept, the model has not changed much. The car looks "muscular", challenging the typical, faceless and angular crafts of all brands that fill the roads. "Insignia" is produced in sedan, hatchback and five-door station wagon bodies. Since 2015, a liftback body has been added to them.

Test drive Opel Insignia

The latest generation Insignia station wagon looks like a business class model: almost 5 meters long, despite the fact that it belongs to class D. The body of the car is galvanized, which will help to keep its outer gloss for a long time. According to the experience of the owners, even when paint falls off the body with small chips, rust does not threaten the car. The restyled version differs from its predecessor in a modified radiator grille, LED headlights, and a front bumper. The rear is adorned with a chrome strip with the brand's logo, connecting the updated LED lights. The rigidity of the body compared to the Vectra, this model is 19% higher.

📌How does the Opel Insignia drive?

Given the presence of turbocharging on some versions, one can already count on at least not getting stuck in a dense stream. The motors themselves are assessed by car service specialists as quite reliable. But it is worth noting that due to the increased weight compared to the Vectra, the "atmospheric" engine accelerates the car more slowly than we would like.

There is no need to be afraid of turbocharging, since the "snail" used in the car from the Garrett brand can travel up to 200 thousand km without the slightest repair. The price of the turbine starts at $ 680, and this is the best possible replacement for the "atmospheric" engines on this model, which allows it, not to move. The main thing is not to get carried away with driving "before the cutoff". The 2,0 turbo is the Insignia's most requested version. And in order to reduce the load on the crankshaft, with which there were problems, it is advisable to purchase an option with an automatic transmission.

As for the dynamics - there are specific figures: the restyled 170-horsepower power unit produces 280 Nm of torque and does not need to be refueled with "ninety-eighth" gasoline. With it, the car accelerates to 100 km / h in 7,5 seconds. And the V6 A28NET / A28NER engines, with a low resource of the timing parts, make the car even faster, but Insignia modifications with such an engine are more common in Europe than in the post-Soviet space, and they are not cheap to repair.

The disadvantages of motors are more than compensated for by the suspension resource, the repair of which will not be prohibitively expensive. In general, the Insignia is a decent car and, according to some opinions, even underestimated, despite the present problematic equipment.>

A little more about the suspension. Don't buy the Insignia top-of-the-line with Flex Ride adaptive suspension and tons of electronic assistants. This is guaranteed to have a negative impact on your finances, as complex systems require additional maintenance.

According to analysts, the popularity of the model suffered due to incorrect marketing: the 1,8-liter engine was not sold with a "automatic". Therefore, competitors in the form Ford Mondeo and others have surpassed Insignia in popularity.

📌Technical Specifications

The Insignia sedan and hatchback are the same in length and wheelbase (4830mm length, 2737mm base), and the station wagon is slightly longer at 4908mm. The all-wheel drive version of the station wagon called the Country Tourer has a higher (extra 15 mm) ground clearance. For generations 2013 and newer, there is an extensive line of gasoline and diesel engines from 140 to 249 hp.

Key features of the Insignia sedan with 2.0 BiTurbo CDTI engine:

Acceleration 0-100 km / h8,7 seconds
Maximum speed230 km / h
Fuel consumption in the urban cycle of manual transmissionXnumx l
Fuel consumption in the urban cycle, automatic transmissionXnumx l
Clearance160 mm
Wheelbase2737 mm


Post-styling modifications of the Opel Insignia are the most comfortable and spacious. The basic configuration of the liftback has a plastic interior lining with leather inserts (more details in the photo). Also, the post-styling modification is easily recognizable by the touch screen of the multimedia system in the center console. There is a heated steering wheel. Special trims are offered with a full leather interior.

Test drive Opel Insignia

The driver's and front passenger's seats are spacious, with good visibility in all directions. There is also enough space in the passenger row, but a little more could have been done. Passengers have convenient cup holders. The trunk has a large loading area and many niches of different sizes for tools and other little things. And of course you can fold the rear seats as needed.

Soundproofing still brings the noise of the tires when driving inside the cabin, but the engine feels pleasant and does not get on the nerves (especially on diesel versions). In the D-class there are examples with better noise isolation, but here it cannot be called bad. And thanks to a comfortable fit, you will forget what fatigue is for a long time. The car is often used by family people, which already says a lot.

📌Cost of content

According to official documentation, the Opel Insignia's maintenance interval is 15 km or 000 year (whichever comes first). In the first 1 thousand, the oil in the engine is changed along with the filter, the level and quality of antifreeze is checked, as well as the oil level in the power steering. Approximate service prices for operations:

Job Cost
Replacing the engine oil and oil filter$ 58
Replacing the cabin filter$ 16
Replacing the timing belt$ 156
Replacing the ignition module$ 122
Replacing the front brake pads$ 50

Diagnosing a car from an official immediately after purchase (which is strictly recommended) will cost you about $ 8-10. It is possible to change the oil in the automatic transmission, this is another $ 35 with a partial replacement. Tire service on demand - about $ 300. According to rough estimates of one of the owners of the 2018 Insignia, troubleshooting and scheduled maintenance after running 170 thousand km will cost about $ 450. The cost is approximate, since the condition of the car depends not only on the mileage. As a result, an inexpensive car for its class is obtained. There are practically no problems with the availability of spare parts.

📌Safety ratings

Test drive Opel Insignia

In 2008, the debut Opel Insignia received five stars on the Euro NCAP safety scale and 35 points out of 37 for the safety of adult passengers plus 4 stars for the safety of children. The body structure is based on a high-strength steel frame with programmable deformation zones to absorb impact energy. The side parts of the body are also designed to dissipate kinetic energy.

The complex of protection measures is complemented by airbags and curtain airbags, three-point belts, active head restraints and child seats with ISOFIX mounts (there are mounts on all rear seats). To warn of the danger of a collision, the Opel Eye electronic system is included in the machine package - the one that also monitors road markings.

📌Prices for Opel Insignia

Prices for new cars of this model start at approximately $ 36, depending on equipment. For example, Opel Insignia Grand Sport 000 with a 2019 hp gasoline engine. and "automatic" can be purchased for $ 165. But its version with a two-liter diesel engine will cost more than $ 26. In general, you are limited only by your own preferences and financial capabilities, the choice of equipment is very wide.

Opel Insignia is sold in the following trim levels:

Execution, yearPrice $
Opel Insignia GS 1,5 л XFL АКПП-6 Enjoy Pack 201927 458
Opel Insignia GS 2,0 l (210hp) automatic transmission-8 4 × 4 Innovation 201941 667
Opel Insignia GS 1,5 л XFL АКПП-6 Enjoy Pack 202028 753
Opel Insignia GS 2,0 l (170 HP) automatic transmission-8 Innovation 202038 300
Opel Insignia GS 2,0 l (210 HP) automatic transmission-8 4 × 4 Innovation 202043 400

📌Video test drive Opel Insignia 2019

Test drive Opel Insignia 2019. Second coming!


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