Test drive the new Toyota RAV4 2019


Many Toyota RAV4 is associated with the word success. For a quarter century, the crossover is one of the permanent leaders and best sellers in this segment. Just imagine, the manufacturer managed to sell more than 9 million copies. But can the new hybrid replicate the success of its predecessor? What motorists will appreciate the new Toyota consider below, it will be interesting.

Auto design

Test drive the new Toyota RAV4 2019

The new design of Rav 4 is radically different from its predecessor - it has become more brutal, the manufacturer refused the soft and stylish exterior. In front, the brand-new car has features similar to the Toyota Tacoma: a radiator grill tightened on the sides of the optics.


Toyota's signature badge is located on the grille, which has the shape of a rhombus. Above and below the grille is decorated with a black mesh insert, in some assemblies.

Speaking of front optics, the new version of the crossover completely changed it. hinting that it is a large SUV of a Japanese manufacturer. Sharp forms and modern technologies give the model even more rigor - the original location of the optics gives the car an “angry grin”.

Test drive the new Toyota RAV4 2019


The crossover hood emphasizes the brutality of the exterior: two elevations stretch from the front optics to the front pillars, while the central part is slightly drowned. The windshield received a greater slope, which played well on the aerodynamics of the new items.

The lateral part of Toyota is strict. There are chopped pads on the front and rear wheel arches. In addition, the location of the crossover door handles changed, the designers lowered them downward from a slope from front to back, but the side rear-view mirrors were located on the door panel.

Test drive the new Toyota RAV4 2019

The rear end of the 4-2018 Toyota RAV2019, which is more like the new Lexus crossovers, due to strict and sharp lines, received a modification. The upper part of the car is also slightly modified, now it is decorated with a sports spoiler with LED stop repeater. The new crossover has a raised front and rear bumper.

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You can not ignore the roof, which, depending on the configuration, can be solid, with a hatch or panorama.

Speaking of dimensions, the changes are almost invisible here: the car has become shorter by only 5 mm and wider by 10 mm. But, the wheelbase has increased by 30 mm, which means that the car will easily cope with bumps on the roads.




4 595 mm


1 854 mm


1 699 mm


2 690 mm

How does a car go?

Test drive the new Toyota RAV4 2019

The Toyota RAV4 car, in essence, is a universal car: it can be used when traveling around the city, as well as for traveling long distances. The quality of the trip is revealed at a soft and medium pace.

When you press the accelerator, the car goes forward, at low and medium rpm there is enough traction, but there is little or no noise from the motor. Steering wheel with moderate sharpness: lightweight at low and medium speeds. 

The car has a light suspension, which is especially noticeable on the roads: on mounds and sharp turns, the car “suppresses” all the bumps. A test drive showed that this all-wheel drive hybrid, which has enough power to the rear electric motor.

In general, the new Toyota RAV4 behaves well not only on the roads of the city, but also on light off-road. He may not be able to cope with a heavier road.


Test drive the new Toyota RAV4 2019

Not only gasoline, but also hybrid options went on sale. Speaking of drive, all-wheel drive is available with an automatic or intelligent control system.

Example technical specifications for a hybrid:

Year of construction


fuel type



2.5 hybrid

Maximum power, hp

131 (178) / 5


Front-wheel drive


CVT variator

Acceleration dynamics 0-100 km / h



Manufacturers “sweated” over changing not only the appearance of the car, but also its interior. Design brutality can be traced even in the cabin: rough and strict lines around the perimeter.

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The front panel has completely changed, with the exception of the steering wheel. And now, a little more about the front. The main panel of the machine consists of three parts:

  1. Top level decorative with projection display
  2. The middle level comes forward, it has two central air ducts, an emergency parking button and a 7 ″ touchscreen display of the completely new Entune 3.0 multimedia system;
  3. The third level is divided into two parts, which have LED backlight and compartments for various little things.
Test drive the new Toyota RAV4 2019

You can control the climate control, heating and cooling of the seats using the navigation buttons on the main part of the console. The panel displays information about seat belts and

Talk about what “stuffed” the new version of Toyota can be forever. But what exactly needs to be noted is that a small indentation was placed on the console with charges from a USB port, a 12V socket and Qi wireless charging. Nearby is a small automatic transmission selector with a functional panel. Music lovers will definitely appreciate the improved audio system with 11 speakers, organically placed throughout the cabin. A trip at once becomes fascinating and interesting.

Test drive the new Toyota RAV4 2019

The car accommodates 5 passengers. Two front seats are made in a more sporty style with a high and comfortable back and comfortable head restraints. The second row of seats involves landing 3 passengers: comfortable with separate head restraints. For a comfortable ride, manufacturers removed the central protrusion of the tunnel.

Test drive the new Toyota RAV4 2019

Without focusing on the updated Toyota interior, we can make a positive conclusion: designers are not far behind progress.

Fuel consumption

Of course, the interior and exterior design are important, but the owner is more concerned about fuel consumption. It is this characteristic that plays a significant role when buying a car. Speaking of the brand new Toyota, here we see the following values:


Dynamic force

Ths ii


4,4-4,6 l / 100 km

4,4-4,6 l / 100 km




Volume, l



Power, hp



Torque, Nm




four-wheel drive

four-wheel drive


8 tbsp. Automatic transmission

variator ECVT

Cost of maintenance

Test drive the new Toyota RAV4 2019

Powerful Toyota can fail, although it sounds unlikely. The feedback from the owners is so positive that the maximum breakdown for the RAV 4 is malfunctions associated with low-quality fuel. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo a technical inspection at least every 15 km.

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Cost in USD

Replacing the front brake pads

from $ 20

Timing Belt Replacement for vehicles without air conditioning

from $ 60

Gearbox oil change

from $ 30

Clutch Assembly Replacement

from $ 50

Spark plug

from $ 15

Prices for Toyota RAV4

And so it is obvious that the price depends on the technical characteristics of the car and the internal filling of the crossover, so that motorists “run their eyes”, the manufacturer offers a huge selection of crossover equipment.


Price in USD


25 000

RAV 4 Limited

27 650

RAV4 XSE Hybrid

32 220


To understand and understand why Toyota RAV4 2019 alone is not enough. The conclusion from the above is versatile: someone will like the new design, while others will say that the “brutality” of the interior and the body only scares away the buyer. But what everyone will definitely like is the build quality, which, as always, remains at its best. 

To understand all the subtleties of mechanics, watch the video of the full test drive:

Toyota RAV4 2019 test drive with Cyril Brevdo
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