Test drive the new Kia Sportage


Fans of the South Korean automaker have been following the launch of new budget crossovers since 1993. Each new model received updated body elements and improved performance and comfort.

The latest generation (2016) fell in love with lovers of all-wheel drive and affordable service. According to the owners of the car, it is a good alternative to expensive-to-maintain analogs of German and American production. Although the Korean assembly has always left much to be desired.

In 2018, a new generation of kia sportage was announced. What changes did the 2019 model undergo? We offer you a test drive of the new version of the car.

Car design

Test drive the new Kia Sportage

The car did not receive significant visual changes. The body remained in the familiar style of a compact crossover. The optics have acquired thinner lines. The taillights and reflectors are designed in a continuous strip across the entire luggage compartment.

The main headlights remained at the usual height for the driver. This allows you to see the road well in the dark without dazzling oncoming traffic participants.

Test drive the new Kia Sportage

The novelty received 19-inch branded rims. Although the basic equipment includes 16-inch counterparts. The radiator grille has remained in the classic 2015 tiger smile shape. The fog lights have moved a little higher and are placed in the air intakes, framed by chrome moldings.

The machine of the South Korean manufacturer received the following dimensions (mm.):

Length 4485
Width 1855
Height 1645
Clearance 182
Wheelbase 2670
Track width Front - 1613; behind - 1625
Weight 2050 (front-wheel drive), 2130 (4WD), 2250 (2,4 petrol and 2,0 diesel)

How does the car go?

Test drive the new Kia Sportage

Suspension and steering are also not very sporty. The steering response is not sharper. In the process of traveling on various types of roads, the feeling of increased comfort was not observed. The shock absorber system remains a bit harsh. Therefore, fans of soft driving should not choose 19-inch wheels. It is better to limit yourself to analogs at 16 or 17.


Test drive the new Kia Sportage

The 2019 model lineup includes a 2,4-liter naturally aspirated powerplant. In this regard, the test of the car did not reveal a special sporting character, as the manufacturers claim. Acceleration is only felt at 3500 rpm.

This is due to the peculiarities of the naturally aspirated engine. The turbocharged unit (of the previous series) produced a maximum torque (237 Nm.) At 1500 rpm. The atmospheric 2019 line develops such an indicator only at 4000 rpm. Therefore, the manufacturer installed the paddle shifters of a 6-speed automatic in the car. It smoothly "invigorates" the engine for the required acceleration.

Another version of the power unit pleased more. This is a two-liter diesel in conjunction with an eight-speed hydromechanical automatic transmission. A similar gearbox is found on the Huyndai Tucson, Santa Fe and Sorento Prime. This layout develops 185 horsepower.

The main technical characteristics of different power plants of the new version:

2.0 MPI (Gasoline) 2.0 MPI (Gasoline) 2.4 GDI (petrol) 2.0 CRDI (diesel)
Drive unit Front Full Full Full
Box Mechanics 6 Art. Automatic 6 st. Automatic 6 st. Automatic 8 st.
Power (hp) 150 (6200 rpm) 150 (6200 rpm) 184 (6000 rpm) 185 (4000 rpm)
Torque Nm. (rpm) 192 (4000) 192 (4000) 237 (4000) 400 (2750)

The manufacturer has installed cruise control, automatic braking and lane keeping in the car safety system. The Drive Wise package has been expanded with an additional feature that controls driver fatigue. This also includes a system for determining blind spots.


Test drive the new Kia Sportage

As you can see in the photo, the inside of the car has not changed.

Test drive the new Kia Sportage

The exception was the multifunction steering wheel, as well as small elements of the center console. The 7-inch monitor was bezel-less. It has slightly increased in the Premium and GT-Line versions by one inch.

Test drive the new Kia Sportage

Restyling of the air deflectors is also minimal.

Test drive the new Kia Sportage

Fuel consumption

The volume of the fuel tank is 62 liters. In models with mechanics on the highway, this reserve is enough for a little more than 900 km. On the other hand, a diesel vehicle will calmly travel 1000 kilometers on this amount of fuel. Also stay for a little city trip.

Comparative table of fuel consumption of four basic models (liters / 100 km.):

Track City Mixed
2.0 MPI (gasoline) mechanics (6st.) 6,3 10,3 7,9
2.0 MPI (petrol) automatic (6 st.) 6,7 11,2 8,3
2.4 GDI (gasoline) automatic (6st.) 6,6 12,0 8,6
2.0 CRDI (petrol) automatic (8 st.) 5,3 7,9 6,3

The top speed of the kia sportage is 186 km / h. for mechanics. The automatic machine accelerates the car to 185 kilometers / hour. And the diesel unit raised the speedometer needle to 201 during the test.

Maintenance cost

Test drive the new Kia Sportage

Due to the prevalence of the car, finding spare parts for it will not be difficult. There are also many official service stations in the country specializing in repairs, including the 2019 series.

Here are the main maintenance and repair services:

Replacement: UAH Excluding the cost of the part itself
dimensions 80 for pike
candles 150-200
muffler 200
ШРУСа 600
shock absorber struts (complete) 400
shock absorber 500
springs 400
front brake caliper 300
tie rod end 100
engine oil From 130
gearbox oils From 130

Prices for Kia Sportage

Test drive the new Kia Sportage

Official KIA car dealers offer a basic front-wheel drive model with 17-inch wheels at a cost of $ 19,5 thousand. This version will include the following features. Heated side mirrors. Heated wipers. Windows in a circle. Hands free system. Air conditioning.

The security system will include front airbags, ABS, central locking and a hill start assist function.

The cost of cars by class:

Equipment Price (dollars)
Classic Front wheel drive, mechanics, gasoline, on-board computer, light sensor, air conditioning, headlight range control, tire pressure sensor From 18
Comfort Front-wheel drive, petrol, automatic transmission, interior - cloth, rain sensor, dual-zone climate control, rain sensor, heated steering wheel, tire pressure sensor From 21
Business 4WD, automatic, cruise, climate control, front and rear parking sensors, heated front and rear seats and steering wheel, headlight range control From 30

An all-wheel drive version with an automatic transmission and a diesel engine in the Business configuration with a combined interior (leather / fabric) will cost from $ 30 at the showroom.


The car is ideal for fans of mid-range crossovers. The manufacturer has tried to complete the functions necessary for a comfortable trip. Externally, the 2019 series looks marginally better than the previous generation. Not everyone wants to pay extra for a little facelift.

Video test drive Kia Sportage

At the end of the review, we suggest you get acquainted with the video about the GT-Line model:

KIA Sportage GT-Line 2019 | Test Drive


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