In 2019, the world saw the long-awaited troika. Mazda upgraded its sales locomotive and was finally equipped with SKYACTIV technology. You can argue about car preferences for a long time, but the Mazda3 has become a cult car in the domestic car market. She proved to users its reliability and convenience, winning the hearts of millions of fans.

Mazda3 has a rich history, and has experienced many modifications, but something has always remained unchanged: a hatchback or sedan, engines up to 150 hp. and front-wheel drive. This is the basis for any Mazdov “troika”. The 2019 model was no exception - the world immediately saw two versions of the Mazda3 - a gas hatchback and a sedan on a turbodiesel. Let’s do a review and find out what is hidden behind the “beautiful wrapper”, whether the car is worth the money that is being asked for, and, of course, a little ride.

Two versions of Mazda3-min

How does it look?

The updated "treshka" looks more than impressive, at least it definitely went around its predecessors. Behind a simple design lies true elegance and grace. Particularly impressive is the new Mazda3 “look”, which has become even more expressive. Looking at the car from the front, one gets the feeling that this is the crown of the brand’s creation, and all previous versions of the “troika” were just mocapas of the future masterpiece.

New Mazda 3

But the back view of the car on the contrary is a little disappointing. After you look at her “eyes”, you expect the same WOW-effect from all sides, but not this time. This is not to say that the “feed” looks terrible, it just is more typical, and a strong contrast of sensations is created. Mazda 3

How does it go?

Excellent handling is one of the main advantages of the updated "treshka". It feels cold confidence and reliability. At low speeds, the steering wheel turns easily, and with increasing speed it becomes heavier, which makes each maneuver almost jewelry. The car's suspension is a little stiffer, but most likely it’s the price for excellent cornering behavior. Riding Mazda 3

It is worth highlighting a good sound insulation of the car. 1,8-liter turbo diesel with 116 hp and 270 Nm characteristic rumbles, but in the cabin this is completely inaudible. But diesel traction is already felt at 1500 rpm. By 2500 rpm it becomes a locomotive, and keeps at this level up to 4500 revolutions.

Mazda "treshka" of the new generation has a special "character" in terms of driving style. Due to the lack of a sports mode, a more measured mode is characteristic of it. Overtaking "at the speed" - this is not about her. Speaking of speed - up to a hundred, this "beauty" accelerates in 11 seconds. This is not to say that it is fast, but for a low-volume diesel it is quite good.

A gas hatchback doesn't look so confident. Until the engine picks up 3-3,5 thousand revolutions, it seems that someone is holding it from behind. But at high speeds, the motor-zinger is typical for the Mazda. Also, the accelerator is not happy with this model - there is a lot of sound, and zero acceleration.

To call such a contrast convenient is impossible. At first, the dynamics are too few, and then too much, and you have to press the brake so as not to overtake the neighbor in front.

What is inside?

In the updated Mazda3 interior, the developers made a serious hint at the premium class. There are a lot of soft decoration materials, the front panel and door cards are equipped with beautiful metal inserts, ventilation deflectors look stylish and harmonious. Glossy plastic with which the center console is flooded is a little embarrassing, because over time, scratches will definitely appear on it. Nevertheless, these are only assumptions, and everything looks great on a new car. Not all C-class cars can boast of such an interior. Salon Mazda 3

The creative implementation of a multimedia system deserves special attention. The developers “moved away” the screen a little from the driver, moving it closer to the frontal, and moved the control panel to the “washer” near the automatic transmission. Now it’s enough for the driver to put his hand on the armrest, and the palm will immediately “lie down” on the touch joystick. The navigation logic is simple to the point, and does not distract the driver from the road. Salon Mazda 3

There are "treshki" in the cabin and a negative point - this is its crampedness. It is felt that it was created by Asians for Asians. But seriously, people with large dimensions in it are really uncomfortable - it feels like the car wants to hug you. But the trunk of the car is pretty impressive - 405 liters (sedan). Plus, there are no "chips" in it, like pockets.

The second minus of the cabin - the developers did not provide for airflow deflectors for the rear passengers. Such selectivity remains completely incomprehensible.

Among the technical characteristics, it is worth highlighting the SKYACTIV-D series motor, which has an ultra-low compression ratio of 14,8: 1. This makes the combustion process smoother, which accordingly reduces the level of exhaust gases. As a result, the troika independently fulfills the Euro 6d-TEMP toxicity standards without an SCR catalyst. In addition, reducing the load allowed the creators to use lighter parts for the new motor, which may become a good background for increasing engine power in its next versions.

Cost of maintenance

Consumption at the diesel Mazda is very pleasant. Her appetites on the highway are only 5-5,5 liters per 100 km, with an average speed of 110 km / h. The average consumption in the city is 7 liters. The figure can vary both up and down, depending on the number of traffic jams.

Requests for a gas hatchback are more impressive. When driving on city streets, it consumes 8-9,5 liters of fuel per 100 km. On the highway, with an average driving speed of 110 km / h, the consumption will be about 6 liters per 100 kilometers. Mazda 3 cost

The guarantee for both cars is the same - 3 years or 100 thousand km mileage, whichever comes first. But the frequency of maintenance is different. For diesel it is once every 20 thousand or a year, and for gasoline - once every 10 thousand or a year. Speaking in the language of money, the maintenance of a sedan per 100 thousand kilometers will be about 47 thousand UAH, and a hatchback - about 21 thousand.

We can conclude that the cost of maintaining cars is not very different - it is cheaper to “feed” a diesel engine, and to maintain gasoline.


“Treshka” showed itself perfectly in crash tests, and went through the entire Euro NCAP cycle, earning 5 stars. The audit showed that Mazda3 provides protection for adults by 98%, and children - by 87%. In all the "crashes" the body protection was in the "green zone", only the legs sometimes fell into yellow. That is, the car can confidently be called safe. Mazda 3 Safety


The 3 Mazda2019 was presented in two versions - diesel and gasoline, which are fundamentally different from each other.

In the simplest configuration, a gas hatchback will cost 630 thousand UAH, and a diesel sedan 710 thousand. It is worth noting that the equipment is not so simple. It includes: 7 pillows, 2-zone climate control, a projection on the windshield and LED headlights.

In the average configuration, cars cost 690 and 770 thousand hryvnias, respectively, and the top one is available only for diesel, its price is 795 thousand UAH.

Summing up, we can say that the Mazda3 is a cut above its “classmates”. By management, it can only be compared with Skoda Octavia, but the appearance of the latter loses unsuccessfully. The only caveat - the salon at Skoda is still larger. This can be a decisive moment when choosing a car.

Also, the competition "troika" could make Renault Megane Sedan and Honda Civic (sedan), but their equipment is much simpler.



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