Test drive Land Rover Defender 2nd generation


In 2016, the British auto industry halted production of its most durable SUV. Occasionally, the company fueled interest in the iconic Defender by providing pseudo-spy photos of allegedly restyled versions.

And so, on September 10, 2019, the brand new Land Rover Defender was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. And although this is the second generation of a full-fledged SUV, only the name has in common with its predecessor. In the review, we will consider what pleased the company's engineers. And also - the pros and cons of the car.

Car design

Test drive Land Rover Defender 2nd generation

It seems that the engineers designed the model from scratch. Not only outwardly, he ceased to be like his predecessor. Even the basic design has been completely redesigned.

Test drive Land Rover Defender 2nd generation

There are beautiful optics with running lights in the "angel eyes" style in front. It looks impressive. However, due to the lack of protective glass, there is little practicality in them. A large amount of dirt can collect on the ridges and can be difficult to remove.

Test drive Land Rover Defender 2nd generation

The same story with the rear dimensions. They are integrated into the plastic part of the rack. The model received two body options. This is a three-door (90) and five-door (110) modification.

Test drive Land Rover Defender 2nd generation

The dimensions of the new generation Defender were (in millimeters):

Length 4323 and 4758
Width 1996
Height 1974
Clearance +218
Wheelbase 2587 and 3022
Weight, kg. 2240 and 3199

How does the car go?

Test drive Land Rover Defender 2nd generation

First of all, the Defender family is cars for off-road travel. And the new model sets a new standard for all SUVs. The manufacturer adapted the car for long-distance travel. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies, even a beginner will cope with the management of a novelty. In a difficult situation, electronic assistants will do everything themselves.

Past Defenders were rear-wheel drive by default, which added to the complexity of handling. Even on a flat road at sharp turns it was necessary to "catch" the car. And you can not talk about the primer and dirt. If, in the rain, a car hit the road with a deep rut, it was difficult to get out of it without the help of a winch.

Test drive Land Rover Defender 2nd generation

The second generation is equipped with four-wheel drive with electronic locking of the rear and middle differential. In terms of cross-country ability, the new Defender is a true traveler. The ground clearance can be increased from 218 to 291 millimeters. The maximum ford height, which can be overcome without any problems by car, is 90 centimeters. During the test drive, the car was tested on steep mountain slopes. The maximum height that it managed to overcome was 45 degrees.


The manufacturer has completely abandoned the frame structure. Now the car is built on the D7X aluminum platform. The fifth Discovery was delivered on the same base. Critics might think that this is no longer an SUV that can be driven under extreme conditions. However, it is not.

Test drive Land Rover Defender 2nd generation

For example, the torsional stiffness index of the third and fourth generation Discovery was in the range of 15 Nm / degree, and the last Defender - 000.

At first, the manufacturer will install 4 types of engines in the engine compartment. Their main characteristics:

Р300 Р400е D200 D240
Motor type 4 cylinders, turbine V-6 twin turbine mild hybrid 4 cylinders, turbine 4 cylinders, twin turbine
Transmission ZF automatic 8-speed 8-zf 8-zf 8-zf
Fuel Gasoline Gasoline Diesel Diesel
Volume, l. 2,0 3,0 2,0 2,0
Power, h.p. 296 404 200 240
Torque, Nm. 400 +400 419 419
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, sec. 8,1 5,9 10,3 9,1

Over time, the range of motors will be expanded. I plan to add two more engines to it. One of them is a rechargeable hybrid. What technical characteristics they will have - time will tell.

By default, the car is equipped with an independent spring suspension. The manufacturer offers a pneumatic analog as an option. For the extended version, it comes standard.


Test drive Land Rover Defender 2nd generation

The new Defender is certainly not as Spartan as its predecessor. But you can not dream of comfort during long off-road driving. All the plastic elements of the interior constantly rush and creak.

Test drive Land Rover Defender 2nd generation

At the same time, the interior looks very dignified. The seats are comfortable for tiring trips. The short version has five standard seats. The center armrest can be folded out and the front row converts into a sofa with three full seats.

Test drive Land Rover Defender 2nd generation

The same manipulations can be carried out in an elongated modification. Only it will have eight seats.

Fuel consumption

Test drive Land Rover Defender 2nd generation

The car is designed to conquer rough terrain. Therefore, it cannot be classified as an economical car (compared to crossovers). However, thanks to Mild Hybrid technology (in petrol engines), gas mileage is reduced. In the first seconds of the movement of the car, the starter generator helps the motor by reducing the load. Diesel engines are equipped with turbochargers that provide more efficient combustion of the fuel mixture.

As a result, the new car showed the following results:

Р400е D200 D240
Maximum speed, km / h. 208 175 188
Tank volume, l. 88 83 83
Consumption in mixed mode, l./100 km. 9,8 7,7 7,7

Maintenance cost

Test drive Land Rover Defender 2nd generation

Test drives underlined the high reliability of the novelty. Even if you accidentally "catch" a boulder at full speed, the suspension will not crumble into parts. The bottom is reliably protected from breakdowns. And the system for overcoming the ford will not allow the electrical components of the motor to get wet, which protects against the formation of a short circuit.

Many modern service stations have already abandoned fixed prices for certain types of work. This makes budget planning easier. So, the approximate cost of scheduled maintenance will be from $ 20 per hour of work of the master.

Here is the approximate cost (cu) of car maintenance:

Comprehensive diagnostics 25
TO (first):
Consumables 60
Job 40
TO (second):
Consumables 105
Job 50

Routine maintenance must be carried out every 13 km. mileage. Since sales of the car have just started, you don't have to worry about repairing it yet. The British have been developing it for a long time and its reliability corresponds to its class and purpose.

2020 Land Rover Defender Prices

Test drive Land Rover Defender 2nd generation

In the European market, the shortened base of the new Defender will start at $ 42. And this will be the basic configuration. For the extended model, the price starts from 000 USD. the buyer will have access to as many as six configurations.

The base will receive climate control for two zones, LED optics, heating of the wiper zone, 360-degree cameras. Each of the following equipment is complemented by the following options:

S Headlight automatic switching function; 19-inch wheels; electric drive and heated front seats; upholstery - combo; multimedia 10-inch display.
SE Keyless access to the salon; luxury LED headlights; electric front seats with memory; wheels - 20 inches; electric steering wheel; 3 electronic driving assistants.
HSE Panoramic roof (110); folding roof made of waterproof fabric (90); matrix optics; heated steering wheel; front row of seats - leather, heated and ventilated.
X Hood and roof color options; audio system for 700 W with a subwoofer; projection of the instrument panel onto the windshield; adaptive air suspension; adaptation to the road surface.
First Edition The ability to choose individual settings.

In addition to the basic configurations, the manufacturer offers packages:

  • Explorer. Safari style air intake, roof rack and ladder.
  • Adventure. Built-in compressor, portable shower, external trunk on the side.
  • Country. Wheel arch protection, external rack, portable shower.
  • Urban. Black rims, pedal covers.


The new Land Rover Defender has received a presentable appearance compared to its predecessor. The test drive of the pre-production models showed the high reliability of all car mechanisms. All the changes of the novelty will appeal to fans of OffRoad travel.

A pre-production sample was tested in Africa. Here's a detailed overview of the trip:

Land Rover Defender in sand and boulders! This is how an SUV should be! / FIRST DRIVE Defender 2020


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