Test drive KIA Rio new generation


The South Korean carmaker has long begun to impress European motorists with comfortable and high-tech models at an affordable price. And so, this year, an updated version of the fourth generation Kia Rio appeared.

The car has received many visual and technical improvements. Here's what the test drive showed.

Car design

Test drive KIA Rio new generation

The buyer still has two body options available: a hatchback and a sedan. The manufacturer kept the model in European style. Restrained and at the same time expressive design is the main concept that the brand strives to adhere to.

Test drive KIA Rio new generation

The chassis has been redesigned. The car has become slightly longer, lower and wider. Thanks to this, the cabin has become a little more spacious. The basic equipment of both the sedan and the hatch includes 15-inch steel wheels. If desired, they can be replaced with the analogs of a larger diameter you like.

Test drive KIA Rio new generation

The dimensions of the car were:

Dimensions, mm.
Length 4400
Width 1740
Height 1470
Wheelbase 2600 (at the hatchback 2633)
Clearance 160
Weight 1560 kg.
Trunk volume 480 l.

How does the car go?

Test drive KIA Rio new generation

The owners of a new generation car feel like it was created for the city regime. The car has retained its dynamism. Although you will not expect a sharp acceleration from it. It is not surprising, because under the hood is a modest 1,6-liter engine without turbocharging.

The suspension is not designed for sporty driving. Therefore, it is much softer than analogues of other manufacturers, for example, Ford Party и Nissan Versa. The steering is quite sensitive. And when cornering, the model shows excellent stability. Although in the pits in rainy weather, you need to be more careful. Because the clearance has become lower in comparison with the first representatives of this generation.


Test drive KIA Rio new generation

The layout of the new lineup has become a little more modest compared to previous generations. Although the performance of the power plant keeps the popularity of the car in this class.

The six-speed manual transmission has been removed from the 2019 series. To replace it, the manufacturer equips the novelty with a 6-speed automatic and 5-speed mechanics. Several engine options are available to the buyer. It is 1,6MPI at 123 horsepower and more economical at 1,4 liters. (with a capacity of 100hp) and 1,25l. (84-strong).

Comparative table of technical characteristics of power units:

1,2 MPI 1,4 MPI 1,6 MPI
Volume, cubic meters cm. 1248 1368 1591
Fuel Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline
Transmission 5MT / 6AT 5MT / 6AT 5MT / 6AT
Drive unit Front Front Front
Power, h.p. 84 100 123
Torque 121 132 151
Acceleration to 100 km / h, sec. 12,8 12,2 10,3
Maximum speed, km / h. 170 185 192
SuspensionAll models have a MacPherson strut front. Behind - spring with hydraulic shock absorbers.

The manufacturer has added one more special configuration to the lineup. This is the Luxe layout, which (on request) can be fitted with a six-speed manual transmission. Check with your dealer for availability of this option.


Test drive KIA Rio new generation

The comfort system includes some developments in accordance with the latest technologies. The S models feature a 7-inch touchscreen display with Apple Car Play and Android Auto support. The cheaper LX series got a screen two inches smaller.

Test drive KIA Rio new generation

The salon has retained its practicality. Even long trips are easily tolerated.

Test drive KIA Rio new generation

Some controls have appeared on the steering wheel, which helps the driver not to be distracted from driving.

Fuel consumption

Test drive KIA Rio new generation

In terms of consumption, the car can be attributed to the economy class. However, this is not a runabout. In the city, the most "gluttonous" engine consumes 8,4 liters per 100 kilometers. And on the highway, this figure is pleasantly pleasing - 6,4 liters. per 100 km.

Consumption indicators in different driving cycles:

1,2 MPI 1,4 MPI 1,6 MPI
Tank volume, l. 50 50 50
City, l / 100km. 6 7,2 8,4
Route, l./100 km. 4,1 4,8 6,4
Mixed, l / 100km. 4,8 5,7 6,9

The automaker has not equipped the models with a hybrid setup.

Maintenance cost

Test drive KIA Rio new generation

No car is insured against breakdowns. Also, every machine needs routine maintenance. Here is the estimated cost of repair work for the new Kia Rio.

Type of work Price, USD
engine oil with filter 18
Timing belt with rollers 177
spark plugs 10
cooling radiator 100
Inner / outer CV joint 75/65
light bulbs, pcs. 7
computer 35
suspension front and rear 22
Light adjustment 22

Prices do not include the cost of spare parts. The car of the Korean manufacturer is so popular that there will be no problems finding official service stations and original spare parts.

Prices on KIA Rio next generation

Test drive KIA Rio new generation

For the new KIA Rio, the car dealer will take from 13 800 to 18 100 dollars. The difference depends on the equipment. And the South Korean manufacturer has pleased with a wide variety of layout. Here are just some of the offers available to the buyer:

Equipment: 1,2 5МТ Comfort 1,4 4АТ Comfort 1,6 AT Business
Leather interior - - -
Air conditioning + + +
Automatic cruise control - - -
Climate control (automatic) - + +
Parktronic - + +
GUR + + +
Heated front seats + + +
Heated steering wheel + + +
Steering wheel radio control + + +
Electric windows Front and rear Front and rear Front and rear
Hill start assistant, ABS + + +
Driver / passenger / side airbags + + +
EBD / TRC / ESP * - / - / + - / - / + + / + / +
Price, USD From 13 From 16 From 16

* EBD - system for even distribution of braking forces. Contains an emergency braking function when an obstacle appears. TRC is a system that prevents slipping at the start. ESP - tire pressure monitoring sensor. When the permissible level drops, it emits a signal.

New models have already appeared on the aftermarket. Depending on the configuration, the price of the 2019 KIA Rio ranges from $ 4,5 thousand to $ 11.


The new KIA Rio is a compact car for city trips. Has no sports settings. However, for a mid-range car with standard comfort systems - a decent option. Moreover, given its cost and low fuel consumption.

Detailed test drive of the luxury equipment of the 2019 model:



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