2019 Ford Focus test drive


The fourth generation of the famous American car has received many improvements over the previous series. Everything has changed in the new Ford Focus: appearance, power units, security and comfort systems. And in our review, we will consider all the updates in detail.

Car design

2019 Ford Focus test drive

New Ford Focus compared to the third generation has changed beyond recognition. The hood was slightly lengthened and the A-pillars were moved 94 millimeters back. The body has got sporty outlines. The car has become lower, longer and wider than its predecessor.

2019 Ford Focus test drive

At the rear, the roof ends with a spoiler. The rear wheel arch fenders are slightly wider. This gives the brake light optics a modern design. And the LED illumination is noticeable even in sunny weather. The front optics have got running lights. Visually, they divide the headlight into two parts.

The novelty is made in three types of bodies: station wagon, sedan and hatchback. Their dimensions (mm.) Were:

Hatchback, sedanStation wagon
Turning radius, m5,35,3
Trunk volume (rear row folded / unfolded), l.375/1354490/1650
Weight (depends on the modification of the motor and transmission), kg.+1322+1322

How does the car go?

All generations of the Focus were famous for their controllability. The last car is no exception. It responds clearly to steering movements. Enters corners smoothly with a slight roll to the side. The suspension perfectly dampens all the bumps in the road.

2019 Ford Focus test drive

The novelty is equipped with a system for stabilizing the car during a skid. Thanks to this, even on a wet road, you can not worry about losing control. The chassis is equipped with electronically adjustable shock absorbers. The adaptive suspension adjusts itself to the desired mode, based on sensors on the shock absorbers, brakes and steering column. For example, when a wheel hits a pit, the electronics compresses the shock absorber, thereby reducing the impact on the rack.

During the test drive, Ford showed itself to be dynamic and agile, which gives it the sporty "accent" that its body hints at.


2019 Ford Focus test drive

The well-known economical engines of the EcoBoost modification are installed in the engine compartment of the car. These power units are equipped with a "smart" system that can turn off one cylinder in order to save fuel (and two in the 4-cylinder model). At the same time, the efficiency of the engine does not decrease. This function turns on when the car is driving in measured mode.

Together with gasoline engines, the manufacturer offers a turbocharged diesel version with EcoBlue system. Such internal combustion engines are already effective at low and medium speeds. Thanks to this, the power output occurs much earlier than similar modifications of the previous generation.

2019 Ford Focus test drive

Technical characteristics of gasoline engines Ford Focus 2019:

Power, h.p. at rpm85 at 4000-6000100 at 4500-6000125 at 6000150 at 6000182 at 6000
Torque Nm. at rpm.170 at 1400-3500170 at 1400-4000170 at 1400-4500240 at 1600-4000240 at 1600-5000
Number of cylinders33344
Number of valves1212121616
Turbocharged, EcoBoost+++++

Indicators of diesel engines Ford Focus 2019:

Power, h.p. at rpm95 at 3600120 at 3600150 at 3750
Torque Nm. at rpm.300 at 1500-2000300 at 1750-2250370 at 2000-3250
Number of cylinders444
Number of valves81616

Paired with the motor, two types of transmission are installed:

  • automatic 8-speed transmission. It is used only in conjunction with gasoline engine modifications for 125 and 150 horsepower. Diesel internal combustion engines designed to work with an automatic machine - for 120 and 150 hp.
  • manual transmission for 6 gears. It is used on all ICE modifications.

The dynamics of each layout is:

1,0 EcoBoost 125 M61,5 EcoBoost 150 A81,5 EcoBoost 182 M61,5 EcoBlue 120 A82,0 EcoBlue 150 A8
TransmissionMechanics, 6 speedsAutomatic, 8 speedsMechanics, 6 speedsAutomatic, 8 speedsAutomatic, 8 speeds
Maximum speed, km / h.198206220191205
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, sec.10,39,18,510,59,5

The fourth generation cars are equipped with McPherson shock absorbers with an anti-roll bar at the front. A liter "EcoBust" and a XNUMX liter diesel engine in the rear are combined with a lightweight semi-independent suspension with a torsion bar. On the rest of the modifications, an adaptive multi-link SLA is installed at the rear.


2019 Ford Focus test drive

The car interior is distinguished by excellent noise insulation. Only when driving on a road with a large number of holes will the shock of the suspension elements be heard, and with sharp acceleration, the dull sound of the engine.

2019 Ford Focus test drive

The torpedo is made of soft plastic. The dashboard features an 8-inch multimedia touchscreen. Below it is an ergonomic climate control module.

2019 Ford Focus test drive

For the first time in the lineup, a head-up screen has appeared on the windshield, which displays speed indicators and some safety signals.

Fuel consumption

Ford Motors engineers developed an innovative fuel injection technology known today as EcoBoost. This development proved to be so effective that motors equipped with special turbines were awarded three times in the category "International Motor of the Year".

2019 Ford Focus test drive

Thanks to the introduction of this technology, the car proved to be economical with a high power indicator. These are the results that gasoline and diesel (EcoBlue) engines have shown on the road. Fuel consumption (l. Per 100 km):

1,0 EcoBoost 125 M61,5 EcoBoost 150 A81,5 EcoBoost 182 M61,5 EcoBlue 120 A82,0 EcoBlue 150 A8
Tank volume, l.5252524747

Maintenance cost

2019 Ford Focus test drive

Despite the efficiency of power units, proprietary development is very expensive to maintain. This is because Ford turbocharged gasoline engines are a relatively new development. Today, only a small number of workshops service this injection system. And even among them, only a few have learned how to properly configure it.

Therefore, before buying a car with the EcoBoost modification, you should first find a suitable station, the masters of which have experience with such engines.

Here are the estimated maintenance costs for the new Ford Focus:

Scheduled maintenance:Price, USD

According to the vehicle operating manual, maintenance of the main components must be carried out every 15-20 kilometers. However, the manufacturer warns that the oil service does not have clear regulations, and it depends on the ECU indicator. So, if the average speed of the car is 000 km / h, then the oil change must be carried out earlier - after 30 kilometers.

Prices for the fourth generation Ford Focus

2019 Ford Focus test drive

For the basic configuration, official dealerships set a price tag of $ 16. The following configurations can be ordered in dealerships:

trendTrend Edition is supplemented with options:Business is supplemented with options:
Airbags (6 pcs.)Climate controlCruise control
Air conditioningHeated steering wheel and front seatsRear parking sensors with camera
Adaptive optics (light sensor)Alloy wheels1,0 liter engine only (EcoBoost)
Driving modes (3 options)8-inch multimedia systemOnly 8-speed automatic
Steel rims (16 inches)Apple CarPlay / Android AutoBlind spot monitoring system
Standard audio system with 4,2 '' screenChrome moldings on the windowsLane Keeping Assist and Cross Traffic Alert

For the maximum configuration in the hatchback body, the buyer will have to pay $ 23.


The American manufacturer has delighted fans of this model with the release of the fourth Focus series. The car got a more presentable look. In its class, it competed with such contemporaries as the Mazda 3MPS, Hyundai Elantra (6th generation), Toyota Corolla (12th generation). There are few reasons for refusing to buy this car, but there are not so many advantages over "classmates" either. Ford Focus IV is a standard European car at an affordable price.

An objective overview of the lineup is in the following video:

Focus ST 2019: 280 hp - this is the limit ... Test drive Ford Focus


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