2019 Ford Explorer test drive


The American SUV has received five generations and many restyled versions throughout its history. In January 2019, the sixth generation of the model was presented to the public.

Is the car an improvement over the previous generation, or is it a step backward? Let's see what pleased the manufacturer of the fans of this model.

Car design

2019 Ford Explorer test drive

The latest generation Ford Explorer has improved significantly in appearance. While motorists still recognize the familiar shape of this car, it has received a more aggressive look. The roof in it became sloping, and the rear pillars received a greater angle of inclination.

2019 Ford Explorer test drive

Smooth stamping appeared on the doors, which emphasize the massiveness of 18-inch wheels (option - 20 or 21 inches). Even visually, the car has become wider and taller than the previous version.

The radiator grille has increased markedly, and the front optics, on the contrary, have become narrower. Daytime running lights are generally the complete opposite of those that were installed on the bumper of the older brother. The manufacturer removed the C-shape and replaced it with a narrow strip with powerful LEDs.

2019 Ford Explorer test drive

The rear of the car received only minor brake lights and bumpers. The dimensions of the model have also remained practically unchanged.

Indicator in mm .:
Weight, kg.1970
Trunk volume, l. (folded / unfolded seats)515/2486

How does the car go?

2019 Ford Explorer test drive

New Ford Explorer 2019 is built on a new modular platform (CD6). The manufacturer abandoned the frame structure, and many elements in the monocoque body are made of aluminum. This had a positive effect on the dynamics of the novelty. Despite the decent weight, the SUV is capable of accelerating to 100 km / h in 8,5 seconds.

Models of the previous generation were front-wheel drive with a transverse motor. The updated modification has returned to its "roots" and now the motor is installed in it along, like in the first generations. The main drive is rear, but thanks to the clutch, the car can become all-wheel drive (if the appropriate driving mode is selected).

2019 Ford Explorer test drive

The car was equipped with a system of adaptation to the road surface (Terrain Management). It has six main modes.

  1. Asphalt. The transmission is switched to standard mode with the transmission of torque to the rear wheels.
  2. Wet asphalt. The transmission setting does not change, the ESP and ABS systems go into active mode.
  3. Mud. Traction control is less responsive, the throttle opens faster, and the transmission shifts less quickly.
  4. Sand. The wheels are supplied with maximum torque, and the transmission keeps downshifting for as long as possible.
  5. Snow. The throttle valve does not open as quickly, which results in minimal wheel slip.
  6. Towing. Used only if there is a trailer. This mode helps the engine to optimize the rpm without overheating.

Thanks to changes in the design of the transmission and chassis, the car turned out to be something between a full-fledged SUV and a crossover.


2019 Ford Explorer test drive

Three types of engines are now installed under the hood of the new Ford Explorer:

  1. a turbocharged 4-cylinder with a volume of 2,3 liters, equipped with an Ecoboost system;
  2. V-shaped for 6 cylinders and a volume of 3,0 liters. twin turbocharged;
  3. a hybrid based on a 3,3-liter V-6 engine.

Indicators obtained during the test drive of the novelty:

2,3 EcoBoost3,0 biturbo3,3 hybrid
Volume, l.2,33,03,3
engine's type4 cylinders in a row, turbineV-6 twin turboV-6 + electric motor
Power, h.p.300370405
Torque, Nm.420515n.d.
Maximum speed, km / h.190210n.d.
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, sec.8,57,7n.d.

In addition to the standard settings for the road adaptation system, the manufacturer can set the sport mode (option).

All power units are assembled with a 10-speed automatic transmission. The transmission is standard McPherson at the front and multi-link at the rear. The braking system on all wheels is equipped with ventilated discs.

The SUV is capable of towing a trailer with a total weight of 2268 to 2540 kilograms.


2019 Ford Explorer test drive

The landing formula of the cabin is 2 + 3 + 2. Seats of the third row are positioned as full-fledged, but children and thin passengers of short stature will be comfortable in them.

2019 Ford Explorer test drive

The console has retained its functionality, although it has fewer controls compared to the fifth generation modification. Instead of the usual gearshift lever, a fashionable "washer" for switching driving modes is installed.

2019 Ford Explorer test drive

The dashboard and dashboard have been completely redesigned to be more ergonomic. Instead of conventional mechanical sensors, a 12-inch screen is installed on the tidy. In the top-end multimedia configuration, it acquired a 10-inch touchscreen monitor (the base uses an 8-inch analogue).

2019 Ford Explorer test drive

Fuel consumption

Thanks to the lightweight base and disabling all-wheel drive, the car turned out to be economical enough for SUV models. The EcoBoost system has proven useful in this regard. This development by Ford Motors engineers allows you to use the full power potential of engines with a small volume.

2019 Ford Explorer test drive

Since the car is still a rarity for CIS roads, few people have tested its power and dynamics. However, some indicative consumption figures are already known:

2,3 EcoBoost3,0 biturbo
Mixed mode10,711,2

There is no data on the consumption of the hybrid modification, because at the moment this version is used only by the American police, and has not yet been tested on our roads.

Maintenance cost

2019 Ford Explorer test drive

The most expensive service unit in this car is the EcoBoost. However, it has already established itself as a reliable system, so there is no need to constantly carry the car for repair and adjustment. Here are the cases in which you should contact the service station in addition to routine maintenance:

  • increased engine oil consumption;
  • changes in the color of the exhaust gases (white, black or gray smoke);
  • uneven operation of the motor at idle speed;
  • increased gasoline consumption;
  • the appearance of extraneous noise in the engine compartment;
  • frequent overheating of the power unit.

Estimated cost of repairs in the event of the above alarms (in dollars):

Adjustment of valves30
Compression measurements in cylinders10
Diagnostics of noise in a running motor20
Flushing the injector20
Scheduled maintenance *30
Wheel alignment15
Running gear diagnostics10
Complex maintenance **50

* Routine maintenance includes replacement of engine oil along with the oil filter, computer diagnostics and replacement of the air filter.

** Comprehensive maintenance includes: computer diagnostics, running gear check, replacement of the gasoline filter + scheduled maintenance.

The maintenance schedule set by the manufacturer is limited to 15 kilometers.

Prices for Ford Explorer 2019

2019 Ford Explorer test drive

The updated 2019 Ford Explorer was not much more expensive than its older brother, although it got better in terms of the use of new technologies. The basic configuration of the car will cost almost $ 33.

It will include a 2,3-liter ecoboost engine paired with a 10-speed automatic. It will not be an all-wheel drive modification (driving rear wheels only). You will have to pay for the all-wheel drive package separately. The car will be equipped with lane keeping and blind spot monitoring systems.

Here's what's included in popular trim levels:

Climate control for two zones++
Wi-Fi module++
Parktronic with rear view camera++
Parking assistant-+
Rain and light sensors++
Keeping in the lane and monitoring blind spots++
Interior upholsterycomboleather
Keyless salon access-+
Electric seat adjustment / massage- / -+ / +
Opening the trunk "hands-free"-+
2019 Ford Explorer test drive

In addition to these options, the standard package for the new 2019 Ford Explorer includes radar emergency braking when a pedestrian appears, adaptive cruise control and automatic braking when the car rolls back.

And the highlight of this model is the parking autopilot system. Thanks to the sensors, the car will park itself. The main thing is to ask him a parking place. The most charged version of the novelty will cost from $ 43.


The company has made the new model safer, so it can rightfully be called a stylish family car. Due to its ergonomics and quality, the novelty competes for Toyota Highlander Honda Pilot, Mazda CX-9, Chevrolet Through и Subaru Ascent.

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