Test drive Chevrolet Camaro 6, restyling 2019


An updated version of the sixth generation of the iconic Camaro continues to set the bar high for all Muscle Cars. The model competes with the classic Ford Mustang и Porsche Cayman.

What made the designers and engineers of the American company happy? Let's take a closer look at this car.

Car design

Test drive Chevrolet Camaro 6, restyling 2019

The manufacturer has kept the novelty in the usual sporty style. At the same time, the designers managed to make the car's appearance even more expressive. The car body is made in two versions. It is a two-door coupe and convertible.

The front end has got innovative optics with attractive running lights under the lenses. The grille and air deflectors are now larger. The hood is slightly higher. These changes have improved the flow of air into the engine compartment. This allows the engine to cool more efficiently. Huge 20-inch wheels are accentuated by voluminous wheel arch fenders.

Test drive Chevrolet Camaro 6, restyling 2019

The rear optics received rectangular LED lenses. The rear bumper has been designed to emphasize the chrome tailpipes of the exhaust system.

Dimensions of the updated Chevrolet Camaro are (in millimeters):

Length 4784
Width 1897
Height 1348
Wheelbase 2811
Track width Front 1588, rear 1618
Clearance 127
Weight, kg. 1539

How does the car go?

Test drive Chevrolet Camaro 6, restyling 2019

The updated Camaro has received improved aerodynamic characteristics. Downforce on the front axle has become stronger. This makes the car more stable when cornering. And the settings of the "Sport" and "Track" modes allow you to control the skid of a powerful "athlete" at high speeds.

The restyled model has received an updated sports suspension. It changed the anti-roll bar. And its braking system got Brembo calipers. However, on a muddy and snowy road, the car is still difficult to drive. The reason is rear-wheel drive with a heavy-duty motor.


Test drive Chevrolet Camaro 6, restyling 2019

The main powertrains remain the 2,0-liter turbocharged versions. Only a 6-speed manual transmission is now paired with them. A 6-liter V-3,6 version is also available to the buyer, developing a power of 335 hp. It is assembled with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

And for lovers of real "American power" the manufacturer offers a 6,2-liter power unit. The V-shaped figure eight develops 461 horsepower. and it's not turbocharged. This engine is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

2,0AT 3,6L V-6 6,2L V-8
Power, h.p. 276 335 455
Torque, Nm. 400 385 617
Checkpoint 6 speed manual transmission 8-speed automatic transmission, 6-speed manual transmission 8 and 10 speed automatic transmission
Brake (Brembo) Ventilated discs Ventilated discs, single-piston calipers Ventilated discs, 4-piston calipers
Suspension Independent multi-link, anti-roll bar Independent multi-link, anti-roll bar Independent multi-link, anti-roll bar
Maximum speed, km / h. 240 260 310

For lovers of sensations, when the speed of the car presses the driver into the sports seats, the manufacturer has created a special engine. This is a V-shaped figure eight with 6,2 liters and 650 hp. The automatic transmission allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h. in just 3,5 seconds. And the maximum speed is already 319 kilometers / hour.


Test drive Chevrolet Camaro 6, restyling 2019

The interior of the modified Camaro has become more comfortable. The work console received a 7-inch touchscreen multimedia system.

Test drive Chevrolet Camaro 6, restyling 2019

The sports seats are electrically adjustable and have 8 setting modes. In luxury versions, the chairs are equipped with heating and cooling systems. However, the situation with narrow rear seats has not changed.

Test drive Chevrolet Camaro 6, restyling 2019

The first samples of the 6th generation had a limited view from the inside of the cabin. Therefore, the restyled version has a blind spot monitoring system.

Test drive Chevrolet Camaro 6, restyling 2019

Fuel consumption

Recently, representatives of the "American power" have experienced some decline in the interest of motorists. This is due to the increasing popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles. Therefore, the manufacturer had to compromise and reduce the "gluttony" of the new model. Despite this, the car still manages to maintain a balance between sportiness and practicality.

Test drive Chevrolet Camaro 6, restyling 2019

Here are the data shown by the engine test on the road:

2,0AT 3,6L V-6 6,2L V-8
City, l / 100km. 11,8 14,0 14,8
Route, l / 100 km. 7,9 8,5 10,0
Mixed mode, l / 100km. 10,3 11,5 12,5
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, sec. 5,5 5,1 4,3 (ZL1-3,5)

As you can see, despite the decent volume of some power units, even sports driving will not require excessive fuel consumption. However, the "gluttony" of motors remains a significant drawback of the American classics.

Maintenance cost

Test drive Chevrolet Camaro 6, restyling 2019

The model is equipped with universal motors. They are installed on different sports cars of the brand. Thanks to this, it is possible to repair and carry out routine maintenance at an affordable price. The updated version of the car takes into account many technical flaws. Therefore, the owner of the novelty will not need to visit the service station frequently to troubleshoot.

Estimated cost of some renovations:

Replacement: Price, USD
Engine oil + filter 67
Cabin filter 10
Timing chains 100
Brake pads / discs (front) 50/50
Clutches 200
Spark plug 50
Air filter (+ filter itself) 40

The manufacturer has established a strict schedule for scheduled maintenance of the model. This is an interval of 10 kilometers. There is a separate icon on the dashboard responsible for maintaining this interval. The on-board computer itself monitors the operation of the engine and, if necessary, informs about the need to undergo service.

Chevrolet Camaro Prices

Test drive Chevrolet Camaro 6, restyling 2019

Officials from the Chevrolet company are selling the new product at a price of $ 27. For this price, the client will receive a model in the basic configuration. Under the hood will be a 900-liter engine. A two-liter analogue is estimated at $ 3,6.

For the CIS market, the manufacturer left only one package of security and comfort systems:

Airbags 8 pcs.
Windshield projection +
Fixing seat belts 3 points
Rear parking sensors +
Blind spot monitoring +
Cross motion sensor +
Optics (front / rear) LEDs / LEDs
Rear View Camera +
Tire pressure sensor +
Emergency braking +
Help when starting up the hill +
Climate control 2 zones
Multi steering wheel +
Heated steering wheel / seats + / front
Luke +
Interior trim Fabric and leather

For an additional fee, the manufacturer can install improved Bose acoustics and an extended driver assistance package in the car.

Models with the most powerful motor in the lineup start at $ 63. All modifications are available as a coupe and convertible.


In this age of maximizing fuel economy, powerful muscle cars must become history. However, the "torque" of the popularity of these iconic cars will not stop soon. And the Chevrolet Camaro presented in the test drive is proof of this. This is a true American classic, combining the latest technology and sports performance.

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