6 BMW X2020 Test Drive


Aggressive third generation Muscle cars are based on the same X-5. But compared to its predecessor, this machine is superior in everything. The 2020 model has been updated in everything: the exterior design, interior and, of course, its "filling".

Let's see what the engineers of the German concern have changed BMW AG in a new series.

Car design

6 BMW X2020 Test Drive

The car body is made in the style familiar to the X-series. The changes affected the entire front part. The radiator grill has become larger and received clear chopped edges. Another highlight was the illumination of the central air intake fins. Therefore, the car can be recognized even at night.

6 BMW X2020 Test Drive

Aggressive appearance is given by thin headlights of the front optics. It is worth noting that all headlights are equipped with bright LEDs.

6 BMW X2020 Test Drive

Car dimensions (in millimeters):

Length 4935
Width 2004
Height 1696
Wheelbase 2975
Clearance 216

The sloping body shape gives the kupesh a sportiness. A split spoiler is installed at the rear of the roof. And the rear bumper is adorned with a stylish diffuser for a complete look.

How does the car go?

6 BMW X2020 Test Drive

As you'd expect, the German manufacturer has equipped the car with a large number of assistants. This includes assistants for the start of the hill, control of blind spots, keeping in the lane and emergency braking. In more expensive trim levels there is an assistant for avoiding an accident (warning of a possible frontal and side collision).

The car behaves confidently when cornering. This is achieved by the Dynamic Handing system, which stabilizes the roll angle of the car. Therefore, performing a turn, the X-6 "bites" into the asphalt and demonstrates excellent stability until the maneuver is over. And the air suspension will make the ride comfortable on any type of road.


6 BMW X2020 Test Drive

Under the hood, the manufacturer of the novelty installs four types of motors. These are two petrol and two diesel. Engine type - "bass" V-shaped eight and straight-six.

Technical data for different engine types:

Drive40i M50i M50d Drive30d
engine's type In-line, 6 cylinders, naturally aspirated V-8, turbine In-line, 6 cylinders, turbine In-line, 6 cylinders, turbine
Volume, l. 3,0 4,4 3,0 3,0
Type of fuel Gasoline Gasoline Diesel Diesel
Power, h.p. 335 523 395 261
Torque 447 750 760 620
Acceleration to 100 km / h, sec. 5,2 4,1 5,2 6,5
Maximum speed, km / h. 250 250 250 230
Drive unit full full full full

All models of the new X6 are equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The air suspension with M Sport differential has four suspension settings. The car can be adapted for driving on snow, gravel, stones or sand. Therefore, before us is an almost rally car with a magnificent "appearance".


6 BMW X2020 Test Drive

On the inside, the new model looks a bit like the interior of the X-5. The high-tech console features a 12,3-inch multimedia touchscreen. And the same dashboard screen.

6 BMW X2020 Test Drive

It is worth noting that the manufacturer has abandoned classic sensors. Everything is transferred to electronic mode.

6 BMW X2020 Test Drive

The basic equipment includes sports seats and a panoramic sunroof. And the factory illumination of the torpedo and control buttons on the doors give comfort during a trip in the dark.

6 BMW X2020 Test Drive

Fuel consumption

The model, presented in Frankfurt at the motor show at the end of 2019, can be considered quite economical. Purely psychologically, it is generally accepted that an indicator below ten liters per 100 kilometers is a good indicator of efficiency.

6 BMW X2020 Test Drive

Average fuel consumption in mixed mode for top engine versions:

Drive40i, automatic transmission, 4WD M50i, automatic transmission, 4WD M50d, automatic transmission, 4WD Drive30d, automatic transmission, 4WD
Mixed mode? l / 100 km. 8,6 11,0 7,2 6.6

Bavarian cars are faster and more powerful. But compared to the previous version, the X6 retained their economy.

Maintenance cost

6 BMW X2020 Test Drive

The novelty has not yet appeared in service stations. However, there is already enough experience in repairing the older brother of the X-6. Given the similarity of the main mechanical units, the cost of the main work on the new product will be:

Type of work: Cost, USD
Diagnostics and error reset 10
Diagnostics of the power supply system 35
Checking the undercarriage 15
Checking and filling the air conditioner 35
Valve train chain From 45
Cabin filter From 47
Brake discs From 56
Brake pads (set) From 35

Scheduled maintenance will be about $ 205. This will include replacement of engine oil, oil filter, air filters, brake fluid replacement and computer diagnostics. As for a premium car, these are budget prices.

6 BMW X2020 Prices

6 BMW X2020 Test Drive

Car sales started in November 2019. The most budgetary configurations were the xDrive30d and xDrive40i. Their cost ranges from 86-87,5 thousand dollars.

Top-end equipment:

Standard package Professional Driving Assistant
Cruise control Stop & Go - +
Hold in the lane - +
Side impact protection - +
Traffic jam assistant - +
Accident Prevention Assistant - +
Climate control 4 zones +
Heated / cooled cup holders + +
Panoramic sunroof + +
multimedia 1500 watts, 20 speakers 1500 watts, 20 speakers
Parking assistant with memory for the last 50 meters + +
Steering rear wheels - +
Suspension Offroad - +

The most expensive were the M50d and M50i modifications. For gasoline and diesel versions of increased power and Offroad equipment, the buyer will have to pay approximately 105-107,5 thousand cu.


As the test drive showed, the Bavarian "tough guy" of 2020 turned out to be excellent in all respects. It is ideal for urban use. Consumption per 100 kilometers testifies to this. At the same time, the car has the data of a real SUV - an adjustable air suspension.

In terms of electronic security systems and various driver assistants, the model received the maximum. Thanks to this, the crossover is highly praised and will not disappoint fans of the brand.

Detailed review of the 2020 model - on video

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