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What's the most iconic crossover in history? Of course it is BMW X5. Its phenomenal success in the European and US markets has largely determined the fate of the entire premium SUV segment.

When it comes to ride comfort, the new X is simply stunning. Acceleration happens as if you are playing the good old NeedForSpeed ​​- silently and instantly, and the speed is rebuilt as if it were done by an invisible hand from above.

The price tag on the X5 fully corresponds to the premium segment, but is the car really worth the money and what new "chips" have the creators implemented? You will find answers to all questions in this review.

What does it look like?

By the time the previous generation BMW X5 (F15, 2013-2018) was released, many car fans had questions. The fact is that its appearance was almost no different from earlier versions. The creators listened to the wave of indignation, and did not leave it unattended. Developing the design of the first X in the G05 generation, they tried to make it as different as possible from its predecessors. At least, the Bavarians said this during the static presentation. Test drive BMW X5 2019 The main changes to the exterior of the 5 X2019 have touched the front of the car, namely the radiator grille. It has grown a lot in size, making the "look" of the car even more aggressive.

Actually, the increase in size affected the entire car. It became 3,6 centimeters longer, 6,6 wider and 1,9 taller. It would seem that the new "X" has grown quite a bit, but the car began to be perceived in a completely different way.

In terms of design, the Bavarians have once again demonstrated their commitment to minimalism and simple lines, which is highly appreciated by BMW lovers. The curves of the body look harmonious and create the feeling that muscles are coming out from under the "skin" of the car. At the same time, the appearance of the car did not become pompous.

How's it going?

Test drive BMW X5 2019 The Bavarians made a pleasant surprise to their fans - the car has Launch, which allows the driver to absolutely legally accelerate from two pedals, if you put the box in sport mode and turn off ESP.

Another interesting point - the creators have equipped this model with air suspension, with the ability to adjust the clearance. The standard 214mm, which already looks pretty solid, can be transformed into a whopping 254mm! In fact, "X" can be transformed into a full-fledged jeep.

The controversial Active Steering system, which has been heavily criticized by haters, is now available as an option. That is, you decide to use it or not.

Actually, the resentment about Active Steering is quite logical, since this system turns the driving process into a kind of video game. This has its advantages: the steering wheel gets pinpoint accuracy and becomes sharper at high speeds, and the turning radius is noticeably reduced. But there are also disadvantages, or rather one serious disadvantage - the feedback between the wheels and the steering wheel is completely lost. Of course, many drivers don't like this.

The oversized and heavy crossover literally slides along the track, unquestioningly and instantly obeying the steering wheel. Acceleration is not felt, as well as speed.

I am very pleased with the energy intensity of the suspension, which hardly breaks through even on a bad road. The blows are felt only on large large pits and asphalt joints - what is needed on domestic tracks.

Interestingly, in sport mode, the car behaves much more rigidly, so you want to switch back to smooth and smooth comfort. It can be seen that the Bavarians are gradually leaving the drive and moving towards comfort, widening the gap between themselves and the main competitor - Porsche Cayenne

At the moment, only four engines have been "rolled out" for the X5: 2 petrol and two diesel. The more powerful one has as many as 4 turbines. For the first time, this motor was put on another "seven".

The M-series engine is a gimmick for the X5. The crossover received the "heart" of the M40i with 340 hp, as on the new on the new X3.

Of course, the 8 V4,4 of the 50i version is still there. Interestingly, it is no longer offered in Germany.


Test drive BMW X5 2019 The interior of the "X" has changed markedly, but has retained the general style, which is clearly seen from the photo.

The first thing to note is the emergence of two 12-inch screens. The first replaced the traditional dashboard, and the creators placed the second on the center console. In fact, all the tools for driving a car have been digitized and transferred to the multimedia system. Thus, the Bavarians saved the driver from the usual buttons, which tend to be overwritten over time. Through an updated dashboard, the developers clearly tried to challenge Audi and Volkswagen, which have long focused on diversity. BMW also had a lot of settings, as they say: "for every taste", but the "candy" was not successful the first time. For example, the tidy of the Audi Q8 looks much more confident and beautiful - it has more settings, the menu is much simpler and clearer, and the fonts are pleasing to the eye. Test drive BMW X5 2019 But what I liked was the gesture control system. It is designed not to distract the driver from the road. With its help, you can add and subtract sound, switch tracks, accept or reject calls. A very cool and convenient option.

Speaking of the cabin, it is impossible not to mention the gorgeous soundproofing. All external sounds are literally "cut off" at the entrance, delighting people in the cabin with pleasant silence. Even at a speed of 130 km / h, you can talk in a whisper, making your ride even more comfortable.

The spaciousness of the cabin deserves special attention. The X5 provides ample space for both front and rear passengers. In general, it feels like flying in business class of a decent airline.

The huge trunk turns the X into a multifunctional family car. 645 liters of space will fit literally everything there. Test drive BMW X5 2019 There are serious disadvantages in the cabin - wide and unprotected thresholds. In bad weather, getting out of the car and not getting your pants dirty is simply impossible. It would be very nice if the creators provided rubber pads.

Maintenance cost

The X5 is quite economical, which will certainly delight its owners. A diesel crossover with a 3-liter engine in eco-mode consumes only 9 liters per hundred. But, this is on condition of "gentle" handling of the gas pedal. For such a large-sized car as "X", this figure is quite decent.

If you want to show everyone “what a beha I have”, then you will have to pay for fuel one and a half times more - from 13 to 14 liters per hundred. As the saying goes: "show-off costs money," and in the case of the 5 BMW X2019, considerable.


Test drive BMW X5 2019 The American Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) prides itself on its rigorous testing procedure, yet the new X has achieved the Top Safety Pick +.

In all test situations, the 05 BMW G5 X2019 received a "good" rating, and in the special department for collision avoidance and mitigation, the car was awarded "Excellent".

A series of IIHS crash tests have demonstrated the high safety of people in the cabin. The risk of serious injury is minimal.

Prices for BMW X5 2019

BMW X5 2019 in the most affordable modification will cost $ 66500. This is the xDrive 30d version, equipped with a 3-liter diesel engine with 258 hp. Officially, the car accelerates to a hundred in 6,5 seconds.

3-liter petrol with 306 horses (xDrive 40i) will cost almost 4 thousand more - $ 70200. But acceleration to the coveted "hundred" will take only 5,7 seconds.

For $ 79500, you can get into the under-5 club with the xDrive 50i powered by 4,4-liter 462bhp petrol. It can accelerate to a hundred in just 4,7 seconds. xDrive m50d is a modification for true connoisseurs of drive. The most expensive of the 5 X2019 pampers the driver with a 3-horse 400-liter diesel engine. Its price is $ 90800. The car gains a "hundred" in 5,2 s.

The 5 BMW X2019 is a confident premium segment and is priced accordingly. It is important that the characteristics of the car fully correspond to such a high price list.



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