6 Audi A2019 test drive


Last year, an updated business-class sedan rolled off the assembly line of the German manufacturer. As in the case of jewelry, the changes after each next "cut" of the car are not so striking. But upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the 6 A2019 has acquired its own unique accent.

What has changed in the next version of the premium sedan? According to the owners, absolutely everything. Let's try to look closer at these details.

Car design

6 Audi A2019 test drive

If a passer-by catches a glimpse of a car passing by, it will seem to him that this is the A8 model. This is not surprising. After all, the novelty has become a little larger.

6 Audi A2019 test drive

By placing the older brother of this series next to it, it will immediately become noticeable that the car has improved externally. The massive grille gave the model some aggressiveness with a hint of muscle-car style. The visual changes are complemented by enlarged air intakes and a massive bumper.

6 Audi A2019 test drive

The rest of the body elements (doors, fenders, trunk) have become slightly sloping. As if the manufacturer is trying to emphasize that others see not a simple car. Before them is an athlete, wise by life experience - calm and balanced. But if necessary, it can demonstrate the power that lies under the hood.

The dimensions of the novelty were (in millimeters):

Length 4939
Width 1886
Height 1457
Clearance 163
Wheelbase 2924
Track width front 1630; from behind 1617
Weight, kg 1845

The car received incredibly large wheels (21 inches - optional) and updated LED optics.

Additional chrome elements and flat muffler pipes may seem unnecessary to someone for an executive car. However, this model clearly demonstrates that modern transport can be universal. He can look reserved at a business meeting. And at the same time, demonstrate a childish character.

How does the car go?

6 Audi A2019 test drive

German precision and scrupulousness are reflected in the behavior of the new Audi A6. The machine willingly picks up speed and clearly follows the driver's instructions. She also behaves confidently when cornering.

The novelty has received many electronic assistants, warning of danger on the road. Among them - "Pre Sense City". This system slows down the car in the event of an obstacle on the way (another car or a pedestrian). The safety system is equipped with cruise control, lane keeping and 360-degree sensors. Additional option - Audi Side Asist, which prevents the passenger from opening the door if another vehicle is approaching from his side.


6 Audi A2019 test drive

The car was no less interesting under the hood. The basic version is equipped with a three-liter turbocharged engine in the form of a V-6. The power unit develops 340 horsepower and 500 Nm. The car has become frisky, because the peak torque is already reached at 1370 rpm.

The main characteristics of such configurations are shown in the table.

55 TFSI 50 TDI 45 TDI
Volume 3,0 3,0 3,0
Fuel Gasoline Diesel Diesel
Drive and transmission Full, 7-speed S-tronic Full, 8-speed Tiptronic Full, 8-speed Tiptronic
Power, h.p. 340 286 231
Torque, Nm. 500 620 500
Maximum speed, km / h. 250 250 250
Acceleration to 100 km / h. 5,1 sec. 5,5 sec. 6,3 sec.
Weight, kg. 1845 1770 1770
6 Audi A2019 test drive

Another feature of the brand new A6 series is the steering suspension. At speeds up to 60 km per hour, when cornering, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction relative to the front ones. Thanks to this, imperceptible at first glance, function, the car became confident in driving. And the turning radius was reduced to 11 meters.


6 Audi A2019 test drive

As you can see in the photo, the interior of the model has retained its functionality.

6 Audi A2019 test drive

In most details, it is identical to the A8 version.

6 Audi A2019 test drive

The dashboard is slightly turned towards the driver. This has proven to be practical in bright sunny weather. All indicators are clearly visible.

6 Audi A2019 test drive

There are practically no mechanical switches on the work console. Management is carried out using two touch screens (10,1 and 8,6 inches).

Fuel consumption

6 Audi A2019 test drive

Despite the decent volume of the engine (compared to small cars), the 6 Audi A2019 turned out to be quite economical. Here's what the road test showed:

55 TFSI 50 TDI 45 TDI
City 9,1 6,4 6,2
Track 5,5 5,4 5,2
Mixed cycle 6,8 5,8 5,6
Tank volume, l. 63 63 63

Sufficient efficiency for such a car is due to the control systems for the engine and transmission control. For example, all powertrains are equipped with a small Start / Stop electrical installation. It turns off the engine in advance even before the wheels come to a complete stop. And when driving at idle, the internal combustion engine is briefly switched off to save fuel.

Maintenance cost

6 Audi A2019 test drive

Considering the class of the car, the build quality and the cost of original parts, car maintenance cannot be considered cheap. For example, in contrast to the flat rate for car repairs, some service stations are based on the standard hour. For Audi, according to Elsa, it is 400 UAH. per hour of work of the master.

Estimated prices for repair and maintenance of the latest Audi model:

Type of work: Estimated cost, UAH
Diagnostics 350
Diagnostics (50 points) 520
engine oil 340
-with ICE flushing 470
oils in a manual transmission 470
oil in automatic transmission with oil filter 1180
power steering fluid 470
coolant with flushing 650
Steering tip 450
Steering rack boot 560
Timing (gasoline engine) from 1470
Timing (diesel engine) from 2730
Adjustment of valves from 970
Cleaning the injector from 1180
Air conditioner cleaning (antibacterial) from 1060

Prices for Audi A6

6 Audi A2019 test drive

In Europe, the novelty is sold at a price of 58 thousand euros. For this amount, it will be the 50TDI version - all-wheel drive with a three-liter turbodiesel. The kit will include an eight-speed automatic hydromechanical transmission. The power plant will be complemented by the Mild Hybrid hybrid system.

Comparative prices for the updated a6 lineup:

Model Equipment Cost, dollars
45 TFSI quattro Sport 2,0 (245hp), automatic transmission (7 steps), 19-inch wheels, front, side and rear airbags, ABS, traction control, brake force distribution, hill start assistant, autonomous braking, auto-dimming mirrors, climate and cruise control, heated seats ... From 47
55 TFSI four Basis 3,0 (340hp), automatic transmission (7 speeds), circular airbags, stability control system, emergency braking, hill start assistant, blind spot monitoring system (option), leather panel, interior with leather inserts, adjustment front seat heights, power windows, multifunction steering wheel, rain and outside temperature sensors ... From 52
55 TFSI quattro Sport 3,0 (340hp), automatic transmission (7 or 8 speeds), standard safety system + lane hold, collision signal, seat belt pretensioner, leather interior (optional), armrest, transverse support for the driver's seat with an electric drive ... From 54

Given the novelty of the model, the availability of diesel options should be checked directly with the official representatives. On hand in perfect condition with a minimum mileage (1000 km), such a car can be purchased for 48 thousand dollars.


The latest generation of Audi A6 has delighted fans of fast and comfortable driving. The model turned out to be beautiful in appearance and comfortable in the cabin. The presence of many additional assistants allows you to drive, enjoying the trip, without worrying about the little things.

6 Audi A2019 test drive video

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