Bosch technology makes parking a child's play

Bosch technology makes parking a child's play

Maneuvering a truck with a trailer in a parking lot is an art

Bosch takes a holistic approach to parking. The technology provider makes it easier to find a parking space with its innovative services. And with modern parking assistance systems, accidents can be avoided.

Connected parking - the end of the excursion to a free space

Active parking management: With proactive parking management, Bosch makes it easier for drivers to find a free parking space and helps parking operators get the most out of their options. Sidewalk sensors detect if a parking space is occupied. The information is transmitted by radio to a server, where the data is placed on a real-time map. Drivers can install the map on their smartphone or upload it to the Internet, find a free parking space and navigate to it.

Automatic parking aid: This is a Bosch feature that not only frees the driver from looking for a parking spot, but also parks the car completely independently. The driver simply leaves the car at the entrance to the parking lot. Using a smartphone app, he instructs the car to find a parking spot and then return in the same way. Fully automated parking requires intelligent parking infrastructure, on-board sensors and communication between them. The car and the parking lot communicate with each other - sensors on the asphalt indicate where there are free spaces and transmit information to the car. Bosch independently develops all the components for the automatic parking aid.

Public parking: Roadside parking is very rare in most city centers and in many residential areas. With public parking, Bosch makes it easy to find a parking space - when it drives past parked cars, the car measures the distance between them using the sensors in its parking assistant. The registered information is transmitted on a digital roadmap. Thanks to intelligent data processing, Bosch predicts available parking spaces. Cars nearby have access to a digital map in the cloud and their drivers can navigate directly to vacancies. After determining the size of the available parking spaces, the driver can select a suitable parking space for his compact car or his camper. The more cars will be used in the public parking system, the more detailed and up-to-date the map will be.

Automatic parking - no more bent bumpers

Intelligent trailer parking: Maneuvering a truck with a trailer in a parking lot is an art. The Intelligent Trailer Parking System offers drivers convenient control of a trailer vehicle via a smartphone or tablet while on the street. It is based on electric power steering, electronic stabilization program ESP, an electronic accelerator pedal and a towing hitch with a bend angle sensor. Using the app, the driver can determine the steering angle and vehicle speed. He can stand where it is most convenient for him to observe the maneuvers.

Parking assistance: Most accidents happen when parking. At speeds up to 10 km / h when maneuvering in parking, ultrasonic sensors built into the bumpers constantly monitor the distance to all parking obstacles. The driver receives an optical and / or audible warning of other vehicles in the vicinity. As the vehicle approaches an obstacle, the beep becomes more frequent and becomes continuous over time.

Remote Parking Assistant: With the help of Remote Parking Assistant, cars park themselves. The driver only needs to press and hold one button on the ignition key or on his smartphone. In this way, the car is given the command to automatically maneuver to the parking lot, which it previously detected and measured with its ultrasonic sensors. However, the responsibility for parking maneuvers remains with the driver. As soon as he releases the ignition key or smartphone button, the assistant stops parking immediately.

Home Zone Parking Assistant: The function is intended for cars that regularly park in a private garage, in their own parking space or in an underground car park. The Home Zone Parking Assistant performs repetitive maneuvers, including approaching the parking lot (up to 100 meters). To do this, the driver must "teach" the car to maneuver, passing the route and remembering it. Next time the car will park alone in the designated place. The driver monitors the system from his seat or from outside the vehicle using his smartphone. When maneuvering, the car uses 12 ultrasonic sensors and a stereo camera to navigate around objects identified during the "training" trip. If the sensors detect an unknown static obstacle, such as a newly installed trash can, the vehicle stops automatically. If the obstacle can be bypassed with a slight deviation from the route, the car will go around it by itself.

Emergency stop assistant: At speeds of up to 10 km / h, ultrasonic sensors constantly monitor the entire area around the vehicle at a distance of up to 4 m. Based on the sensor data, the system identifies actual and irrelevant obstacles and calculates the braking distance. If there is a risk of collision, the driver is warned. If he does not answer, the system stops the vehicle by itself.

Multi-chamber system: Four close-range cameras installed in the vehicle provide the driver with full panoramic visibility when parking. With a 190-degree aperture, the cameras cover the entire area around the vehicle. The special imaging technology allows XNUMXD images to be displayed on the on-board display without interference. The driver can choose the desired perspective so that he can see even the smallest obstacles in the parking lot.

Parking assistant: The system uses ultrasonic sensors to find suitable parallel or perpendicular parking spots and informs the driver. When activated, the assistant will automatically park the car. The driver takes over acceleration and braking.

Cross Traffic Warning: When reversing perpendicularly, the radar system detects vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians moving transversely behind the vehicle at a distance of up to 50 m. Timely warns the driver of the danger of a shock with an acoustic or optical signal.



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