All future models Audi will receive a new electronic architecture that will integrate the main components of the car into a common network. The technology is called Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Computer and will become a single control center for all components - from the transmission to the driver's assistants.

In theory, this seems rather complicated, but the company is adamant that the implementation of a single electronic platform is done with the exact opposite goal - to make the driver's work as simple and easy as possible. The new "super brain", as Audi calls it, is 10 times more powerful than the data processing tools currently used, and can control up to 90 different on-board systems, depending on the situation.

The electronic platform itself is universal, which will allow it to be integrated into all Audi models - from the compact A3 to the flagship Q8 crossover and the electric e-tron family. On electric vehicles, the "superbrain", for example, can increase the efficiency of the recuperation system, which provides about 30% of the battery's energy reserve.
In the RS models, a new electronic platform will control the systems responsible for dynamics and control. For the first time in the history of Audi technology, chassis and transmission control components have been combined into one unit.

When exactly the transition to the Integrated Vehicle Dynamics computer will take place has not yet been specified, but Audi says the platform is ready for mass production, so it can be integrated into the brand's models very soon.



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