Volvo's ambitious experiment - Drive Me - has started

Volvo's ambitious experiment - Drive Me - has started

The new autonomous SUV - Volvo XC90, is manufactured in Torsland

Leading premium carmaker Volvo Cars has officially launched the world's most ambitious and high-tech autonomous driving experiment. The first autonomous car for the Drive Me experiment was produced in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The new autonomous SUV - Volvo XC90, is manufactured in the special technology center of Volvo Cars in Torsland and is the first in a series of fully autonomous cars that will be available to customers in Gothenburg and will be able to drive on the road network in the country.

Volvo is the market leader when it comes to car safety. The company believes that the introduction of autonomous driving technology will minimize road accidents. In addition, this revolutionary new technology will facilitate traffic and reduce pollution and, moreover, will allow the driver to make better use of the time spent in the car.

Volvo still offers a semi-autonomous control system called Pilot assist on its S90, V90 and XC90 models. This system controls the steering so that the car moves independently in the specified lane, at speeds up to 130 km / h, completely independent of other road users. Drive Me cars will move without the driver having to touch the steering wheel or pedals. Initially, this will take place in specially designated areas around Gothenburg, with the help of Volvo's autonomous management software.

The name of the Swedish company has been synonymous with car safety since the creation of the 3-point seat belt in 1959. Also, Volvo is the founder of autonomous control systems, as part of its strategy to have no seriously injured or deceased passengers in case of an accident with a new Volvo car by 2020

The Drive Me project is entirely customer-oriented, and that's what sets it apart from other autonomous driving experiments. Volvo relies not only on its engineering team, but also on feedback from customers who use these cars in their daily lives.

"This is an important step for the Drive Me project," said Eric Kohling, technical director of active safety, referring to the latest technologies that cars are equipped with. "Customers look at the car differently than we engineers. We strive to understand how they use the car in their daily lives and what useful information we can get from them. ”

After leaving the factory, Drive Me cars will undergo a series of thorough tests to ensure that the autonomous control system is working properly. Once the engineers of the Volvo team have carried out the necessary inspection, the cars can now be used by customers.

The Drive Me project in Gothenburg is the first in a series of real-world tests of Volvo autonomous vehicles. A project similar to the one in Gothenburg will start in London next year. Volvo is also accepting offers from interested cities in China to join the program in the coming years.

Volvo is also involved in strategic partnerships in the field of autonomous management technologies.

Last month, the joint work with the leading company Uber on projects for the future of autonomous cars began. Volvo has revealed that it plans to work with leading carmaker Autoliv to develop a new generation of automotive software.



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