Sony starts road testing its first car

The biggest sensation in the auto world is the start of road tests of a unique car. The novelty is being developed by the Sony concern. The Japanese giant surprised the public with this move. On the streets of Tokyo, pedestrians may spot a Vision-S vehicle.
The information was officially confirmed by a video available on the network. At the moment, details about the car are unknown. It is unclear if this is an attempt by the company to take it to the next level, given the growing popularity of electric vehicles or tests of new technologies that will be sold to competitors.

It is only known that the Vision-S was assembled in Graz (Austria). There was a new electric platform involved that can be used not only in sedans but also in coupes and SUVs. The tested model is capable of accelerating to "hundreds" in 4,8 seconds.

The car is driven by two electric motors. The maximum that an electric car can reach on the highway is 240 km / h. As for an electric car, this is an excellent indicator. The Vision-S has 33 driver assistance sensors. It includes radar, circular video cameras and optical radar (lidar).



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