Anyone can assemble a Hyundai gravity stroller (Video)

Hyundai Motor has revealed details of its Hyundai Soapbox project, which is a gravity stroller that the company says anyone can assemble on their own.

Inspired by the 45 Concept Design and developed by the Hyundai Europe Design Center team, Hyundai strollers use materials and items available from specialized DIY stores.

“In recent months, spending time with family has become extremely valuable to people,” said Andreas Christoph-Hoffmann, vice president of marketing and products for Hyundai Motor Europe. “We wanted to create a fun project that would challenge families and their friends. The Hyundai Soapbox had to be affordable, and for that reason, our designers created it from materials that can be easily found in DIY stores. ”

Those wishing to assemble a representative of Hyundai Soapbox can get acquainted with the project management here.



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