How much does it cost to tow a car? Price list. When to call for roadside assistance?


Regular vehicle maintenance reduces the chance of a vehicle breakdown. However, even with all care, serious, unexpected mechanical failure can occur, requiring the use of a towing service. How much does it cost to tow a car? We answer!

When does a vehicle owner not need to transport a car on a tow truck?

It is not always necessary to tow your vehicle when using roadside assistance services. There are often friends nearby who can selflessly help. A rope is enough to transport the car. When is a tow truck not needed?

If you want to tow your vehicle with a towline, you must meet a few conditions. This action is possible when the vehicle has:

  • still functioning steering and braking system;
  • work lighting.

You also need to check if the door opens. Remember that a damaged vehicle can only be towed by a driver who has valid civil liability insurance.

Situations when you need to call for roadside assistance. When do you need a tow truck?

Before you know how much it costs to tow your car, you need to know when to call roadside assistance.

A tow truck should be used when the vehicle:

  • equipped with an automatic transmission;
  • it has an electric or hybrid engine and hydropneumatic suspension.

Cars must not be transported on a cable if the engine fails or the suspension air cushion is leaking. Roadside assistance services where a tow truck is needed should be used after a major collision or breakdown on the highway. 

How much does it cost to tow a car? The most important information

Many drivers wonder how much it costs to tow a car. Does this service have a fixed price? How much does towing a car really cost?

In terms of price, factors such as:

  • the scene of the incident, such as a city road, country road, or highway;
  • the distance that the service provider must travel to reach the client;
  • Type of malfunction/fault. If this is an accident, as a result of which the car is in a hard-to-reach place and, for example, it needs to be pulled out, then you will have to pay more;
  • time, because at night, Sunday and public holidays the price is higher.

In order for the vehicle to be accepted by the nearest workshop, you need to pay quite a bit. Prices for the transportation of a damaged car fluctuate around 20 euros, and often more. 

Can the price of evacuation be lower?

There is a way to reduce the potentially high cost of tow transportation - you can choose basic or advanced assistance insurance. The key criterion is the mileage limit, i.e. the distance agreed with the insurer at which services are provided. The circumstances of the event also matter. 

As you can see, the cost of towing a car depends on quite a few factors. Sometimes calling technical assistance is not necessary, but there are situations when it cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is worth being warned in advance to minimize costs.

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