Sylvester Stallone & # 8212; what does the legendary actor drive

Sylvester Stallone is a real veteran, an honored "fighter" of cinema. In films, the actor usually plays ruthless and brutal characters, but in life, according to many assurances, he is quite romantic and sensual in nature. Such traits of Sylvester can be appreciated even by looking at the actor's vehicle fleet. No hypercars or supercars - just classics. One of the most valuable pieces in the Rambo collection - Hot Rod.

Hot Rods are most often home-made cars, the results of modifications of various serial cars. The golden age of such vehicles is the 50s. At the time, the Hot Rod was used for underground racing. In addition, cars were popular with criminals: they could be modified as desired, increasing the top speed to impressive performance at the time. On such cars it was convenient to get away from the police.

Just take a look at Stallone's auto. There are no hinged body parts in it, and a minimum of materials are used. This is the result of the same “race” for maximum speed.

Hot Rods are widely used in movie shooting and computer games. For example, you can drive an unusual car in the game Mafia 2.

Sylvester Stallone & # 8212; what does the legendary actor drive

Sylvester rarely uses the car for movement. This is the "old man", which is the decoration of the collection. Every year the value of a well-maintained Hot Rod increases. Perhaps one day the actor will put the car up for sale. In this case, we will undoubtedly be amazed at the amount for which this legendary car will be redeemed.



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