The app allows players to get behind the wheel of various trucks. Renault Trucks - din T, C, K or D

Renault Trucks' new mobile application - Trucksimulator is a simulator in which anyone can drive a truck in very close to real situations. The app allows players to get behind the wheel of various Renault Trucks trucks - T, C, K or D range. Thus, they can choose between driving long distances, loading or distributing and loading objects in an urban environment.

“The Trucksimulator offers a wide range of driving situations that any truck driver can face every day,” explains Frank Neil, Director of Digital Communications for Renault Trucks, adding that the app introduces the full range of Renault Trucks Euro 6 in an extremely engaging way.

In Trucksimulator, players have several options - first they must choose the environment in which they will drive the truck, and thus determine how the action will develop in the future. If they choose long-distance transport, their goal will be to cross the route in the shortest possible time, but with the lowest fuel consumption, which is the challenge for most drivers in real life. If they focus on heavy construction / construction, they will have to deal with the problem of keeping their cargo on board for a certain amount of time. Those who choose Distribution will strive to deliver the goods on time again, but in compliance with all restrictions applicable to the urban environment, especially with regard to speed.

Trucksimulator also offers car customization, color selection and competition with other players. The app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.




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