Renault and Nissan have denied rumors of the dissolution of the alliance

On January 13th, rumors emerged that Renault and Nissan break their relationship and in the future will work separately. Against the backdrop of this news, shares of both brands fell catastrophically. Company representatives have denied the rumors.

The information was disseminated by the Financial Times. It wrote that Nissan is developing a covert strategy to sever relations with a French partner. Allegedly, his credibility was undermined after Renault attempted a merger with FCA, while ignoring Nissan's wishes.

Completion of cooperation between the companies would bring colossal losses to both parties. Predictably, this news frightened off investors, and the share price fell. For Renault, this is a 6-year minimum. Nissan faced such figures at all 8,5 years ago.

Renault and Nissan have denied rumors of the dissolution of the alliance Nissan officials were quick to deny the rumors. The press service said that this alliance is the basis for the manufacturer's success, and Nissan is not going to leave it.

Renault representatives did not stand aside. The head of the board of directors said that he was shocked that the Financial Times had released frankly untrue information, and that he did not see any prerequisites for ending cooperation with the Japanese.

Such a reaction was expected, because the value of shares is falling rapidly, and it is necessary to save the situation in any case. However, the fact that there is a conflict is difficult to deny. This can be seen at least by the fact that the release of new models is being delayed. For example, it affected the brand Mitsubishi, which was acquired by Nissan in 2016.

The "worldwide" statement of company representatives is likely to raise the value of the companies' shares, but it will not become a lifeline. We will monitor the situation.



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