Car glass repair – is it always possible? When is it worth gluing the windshield, and when to insert a new one? How much does it cost?


Driving on dirt roads or flying stones and gravel from the wheels of the vehicle in front can cause chips and other damage to the windshield. Unfortunately, this is not a trivial problem. Due to the forces acting on the windshield, and the direct impact on the safety of passengers, its condition largely determines whether the car passes the inspection. Therefore, it is worth considering whether it would be better to repair automotive glass or choose the option of a complete replacement.

When is windshield repair possible?

Don't be surprised if your mechanic sees a defect or chip in your windshield and refuses to fix it. Why and in what situations is the windshield repaired?

First of all, you can repair car glass if the damage is very recent. This is due to the process of extracting impurities and moisture from the inside of the damage, as well as the possibility of crack propagation. Glass repair is possible in situations where the damage does not exceed 20 mm in diameter and does not exceed 20 cm in length. In some situations, the windshield repair technique does not even eliminate such defects, so you will hear the final answer in the workshop.

In what situations is glass chip repair impossible?

As we mentioned above, if a glass chip hasn't formed in the past few days, the mechanic shop is unlikely to fix it. But this is not the only situation in which glass repair and gluing is not possible. The specialist will not agree to repair work also in the case of:

  • damage that is right in front of the driver's eyes. Resin injected into this crack remains visible and can interfere with efficient driving;
  • damage reaching the gasket. Then it cannot be repaired, and all that remains is to insert a new piece.
  • a large number of scratches, defects, chips on the windshield of the car. Factories are hesitant to repair car glass when there are a lot of them.

Auto glass repair = convenience + time saving

Several factors should be mentioned here. Firstly, gluing and repairing automotive glass takes much less time than replacing an element. A qualified mechanic can fix a small crack even in an hour. While he can do it right away, you won't have to leave the car with the mechanic for long. Convenience and time saving in one!

Sticking and repair of car glass and price. Is it a very expensive option?

The next and perhaps most important factor is cost. The price of car windshield repair, depending on the number of cracks that need to be removed, can be from 10 euros and a little more. Importantly, this is much less than the fine for driving with a damaged windshield, which is 25 euros and certainly does not solve the problem of cracks ... However, gluing car windows can start at a rate of several hundred zlotys and end up with several hundred zlotys. thousand zlotys. So there is a big difference.

What does repair and removal of scratches from car glass look like?

Upon arrival at the workshop, the mechanic evaluates the type and location of damage to the item. At the initial stage of the process, the place is cleaned of contaminants in the form of dust, dust, glass residues and moisture. Resin is then injected into the center of the lesion and cured with a UV lamp. After gluing the glass and curing the car, you can safely hit the road. The whole procedure is not too complicated and takes very little time.

You also don't have to worry about a police or vehicle inspection when the car is repaired in this way. This is the most official and well-deserved method of windshield repair, so nothing terrible should happen to you after it.

How to remove scratches from car glass?

What should I do if there is no crack on the windshield of the car, but only small and shallow scratches from using the scraper in winter? In such situations, polishing can be a good solution. Due to the fact that this is a very damage-sensitive material, which is also responsible for a large percentage of body elasticity, it is not recommended to carry out this process on your own. So release the windshield repair kit.

A good solution (the only correct one, except for replacing the element) is to contact a specialized workshop. Depending on the surface and the number of scratches, glass polishing can take up to several hours. The cost of such a service is calculated individually, but usually ranges from 200-30 euros. The resulting effect will surely satisfy you.

How to care for glass after its repair?

In the event that car glass repair is over, you should think about what to do to protect the element from damage in the future. There are various solutions offered by experts. Some simply recommend keeping a decent distance from the vehicle in front, especially on dirt roads. It is also recommended to use high-quality car wipers that will not cause quick damage.

An interesting solution, especially in new and expensive cars, is a protective film. This is true when the insertion of car windows into these models is several thousand PLN or more. Such material is applied, of course, to the outer part of the glass. It pairs very well with the wipers and helps keep rain and snow out. In addition, it reduces the level of UV rays entering the interior, which reduces the rate of fading of materials.

The resulting chip on the windshield does not always give the right to replace it. Before deciding on an expensive tie-in service for a new element, it is better to first be interested in its repair. Thus, you will save time and money.

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