The recommended supermoto 250 is the perfect choice for superslide and wheelie lovers


Are you interested in fast superslides and riding on the back wheel along the entire length of the asphalt track? The Supermoto 250 is the perfect solution for you because it is relatively light, but at the same time durable and a lot of fun on the track and in the city. Nothing prevents you from jumping into the field on such a vehicle. In this category of two-wheelers, the choice between two-stroke and four-stroke is critical. What you need to know about supermoto 250?

Why a 250cc supermoto?

The Supermoto 250 is a piece of equipment that can be useful for learning how to ride a motorcycle. Versions up to 125³ cm are available even for people with a category B driver's license, but in this case you need to have the appropriate permits, i.e. A2 and of course A. However, if you have never ridden a motorcycle before (other than on a course to get a driver's license), such a capacity in the supermoto category may not be the best solution for you.

Who would the supermoto 250 be a bad choice for?

Supermoto 250cc cm is almost always close to 30 hp. and just over 100 kg curb weight. And this can be facilitated by unexpected behavior of the motorcycle, especially in corners. This way of riding a motorcycle requires you to know how to ride on asphalt. You have to skillfully shift the center of gravity from one side to the other and effectively control the motorcycle off-road. This type of vehicle for less experienced riders will not be very good.

Supermoto KTM EXC 250 - is it worth it?

Much depends on the engine and driving style. Overall, the KTM 250 supermoto EXC is one of the best motorcycles on the market in its category. According to user reviews, it works great for off-road driving, as well as on the track or street asphalt. This is one of those designs that sets the benchmark for other bikes in its segment.

What makes this KTM model different?

What exactly characterizes this two-stroke supermoto 250? Firstly, it is a very durable motor that does not require too frequent maintenance. In his case, 80 mph (3600 km) is the recommended piston replacement limit for amateur driving. It happens, however, that with proper care and maintenance, it is possible to shift the replacement interval (especially we mean the care of the air filter). There are cases of exceeding 100 mph with very hard driving.

KTM supermoto 250 — 2T or 4T?

A two-stroke is unforgiving because every hard turn of the throttle causes you to lose traction. Even though it is more "civilized" than in models released a few years ago, you still need to be careful when working with gas. The Supermoto 250 4T will suit less experienced riders first. This is because a 2-stroke is much heavier and doesn't develop power as quickly as a XNUMX-stroke. Therefore, it is better to learn the demanding style of supermoto riding.

Operating costs of supermoto 2T and 4T 250

For amateurs, it's not just about driving pleasure. Another purely pragmatic factor is important - the cost of operation and repair. And they are still lower on the two-stroke side. In the case of a supermoto 250 4T, you need to perform oil change intervals or overhaul such elements as: connecting rod, timing chain or piston. The 250T Supermoto 2 KTM is definitely cheaper. And this is often crucial for people who are hesitant to drive professionally.

How much can you buy a supermoto 250?

It is clear that you have to pay for quality accordingly. If you want to buy a KTM EXC-F 250 supermoto, then unfortunately you will not find many ads for serviceable bikes. Why? Because they are great and few people will dare to sell them if everything is in order with them. However, in the case of models that are several years old, the amount is almost PLN 20. there should be enough gold. In addition to this instance, there is also:

● Yamaha WR 250X (12-16 thousand zlotys);

● Gas Gas EC 250F (13-15 thousand zlotys);

● Honda CRF 250 (more than PLN 15).

Of course, immediately after buying a used motorcycle, you need service and often an additional several thousand for repairs. Therefore, you yourself have to answer the question of whether it is worth the candle.

As you can see, the supermoto 250 models are a very interesting option for both leisurely driving and off-road. Before buying, do not forget to take into account not only the price of the car, but also clarify the cost of operation, replacement and repair. It is important that you check whether the purchase will be profitable.

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