Transmission regeneration - when is it necessary? How much does a gearbox repair cost? Check how manual transmissions work after regeneration!


A broken gearbox means the car needs to be towed to a mechanic. Not a single car will go far without a properly functioning power relay from the drive to the wheels. The gearbox is also responsible for changing the speed of rotation. The need to regenerate the gearbox most often arises from careless and incorrect use.. If you don't care about the technical condition of the car and the driving technique, get ready for a really big expense of €2500-15-00. The exact cost of a gearbox repair depends on many factors.

Regeneration of mechanical and automatic transmissions

The most important thing in pricing a service is the type of transmission. Automatic transmissions, which are becoming increasingly popular on Polish roads, are much more complex than manual transmissions.. And since something is more complicated, it costs more to work on it. The situation is no different with mechanics in the case of a service such as gearbox regeneration. The manual transmission is statistically larger, although four-figure sums are involved here too.

What is the most important difference besides the design of the mechanisms? Regeneration of automatic transmission each time requires the replacement of mechatronics, adjustment of control software and adjustment. You will also need to change the transmission oil and filters.

How much does a gearbox repair cost in a workshop? Is it cheaper to repair a manual transmission than an automatic?

It may happen that the repair cost exceeds the market value of the car itself or reaches a significant part of it. Before you decide whether it even makes sense to pay for a transmission rebuild, have your mechanic run a thorough diagnosis.. The price of such a service usually fluctuates around 150-25 euros.

Below you will find the steps for checking the technical condition of the gearbox.

  1. Acoustic and functional evaluation of transmission performance based on symptoms observed by the driver. Short test drive.
  2. Organoleptic evaluation. It includes a visual inspection of individual parts when disassembling the gearbox.
  3. Checking the gearbox control unit with a special device.

In the case of automatic transmissions, an analysis of the vehicle's fault codes is also carried out. It is carried out through a computer. After the diagnosis is completed, you will know the total cost of rebuilding the transmission.. And you decide what to do next.

Gearbox regeneration - price

The largest part of the repair costs in the workshop is the labor itself. Removing the gearbox and reassembling it takes at least a few hours.. With a complete gearbox overhaul, just this part of the work will cost you about 250 euros or more if your car's gearbox is complex and difficult to access. To this are added:

  • 50 euros for clutch replacement - in manual transmission;
  • 20 euros for changing the oil in the gearbox; this amount may increase if the automatic transmission requires dynamic lubrication;
  • from 300 to 70 euros for new bearings and seals;
  • about 100 euros for bearing tension and clearance adjustment;
  • about 200 euros for new friction linings - in automatic transmissions;
  • about 400 euros for the replacement of the mechatronics in the dual clutch gearbox, i.e. the automatic gearbox variant;
  • about 100 euros for the regeneration of the torque converter - in automatic machines.

The cost of repairing a manual transmission is always lower than repairing an automatic transmission.

Remember that these are approximate values ​​to give an approximate answer to the question of how much it costs to regenerate a gearbox. The price also depends on the workshop and mechanic skills. Sometimes it pays to drive a broken car a little, but benefit from the quality of the repair or the lower price of a gearbox rebuild.. Collect and compare as many price lists as possible, and only then give the car for a thorough diagnosis.

Gearbox warranty after regeneration

When you leave the workshop, you probably expect all problems with the car to disappear. How really? If mechanics give a warranty on remanufactured gearboxes, it rarely exceeds a year.. This means that in the event of any repair-related malfunction, during this time you will theoretically have the next malfunction free of charge.

It happens, however, that the warranty for the gearbox after regeneration covers only a part of the cost of disassembling and assembling the gearbox. Therefore, read all the terms and conditions carefully before signing any obligations.

How to care for the gearbox after regeneration?

Mechanics agree that the most important thing is to take care of the gear oil. More specifically, its replacement or maintenance at the proper level, depending on the type of gearbox and the recommendations of the car manufacturer. The way you shift gears is also important to the life of the transmission.. What can be done to ensure that the money spent on repairs is not wasted? When using a remanufactured gearbox, remember the following tips:

  • do not run the engine at full power;
  • keep higher revs in high gears;
  • do not change gears without disengaging the clutch;
  • smoothly switch to a lower gear, without a sharp jump in engine speed;

In addition, automatic transmissions after regeneration do not tolerate the transition to idle mode (the so-called neutral, denoted by the letters H or P) during short stops.

Gearbox replacement or regeneration - what do the experts say?

So many experts, so many different opinions. An alternative to regenerating the gearbox is to purchase a gearbox with a start-up guarantee. What's this? Most often, a gearbox after regeneration, obtained by disassembling a decommissioned car. Sometimes replacing a transmission with a used one is cheaper.. A start-up guarantee is a voluntary declaration by the seller that the part is in working order and fit for use.

Restoring a transmission requires a lot of knowledge and specialized service tools for such repairs. It is rare for a professional mechanic to be able to rebuild a transmission in less than 2-3 days.. This is especially true for automatic transmissions. Manual transmission regeneration takes less time and is much cheaper.

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