Changan CS55 Plus Dimensions and Weight
Vehicle dimensions and weight

Changan CS55 Plus Dimensions and Weight

Body dimensions are one of the most important parameters when choosing a car. The larger the car, the more difficult it is to drive in a modern city, but also safer. The overall dimensions of the Changan CS55 Plus are determined by three dimensions: body length, body width and body height. As a rule, the length is measured from the most protruding point of the front bumper to the farthest point of the rear bumper. The width of the body is measured at the widest point: as a rule, these are either the wheel arches or the central pillars of the body. But with the height, not everything is so simple: it is measured from the ground to the roof of the car; the height of the rails is not included in the overall height of the body.

Overall dimensions of Changan CS55 Plus are 4515 x 1895 x 1680 mm and weight is 1480 kg.

Dimensions of Changan CS55 Plus 2021 jeep/suv 5 doors 2 generation

Changan CS55 Plus Dimensions and Weight 03.2021 - present

PackagesDimensionsWeight, kg
1.5 AMT Tech4515 x 1895 x 16801480

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