Range Rover Velar test drive: range extender


Driving the youngest member of an exquisite family Range Rover

To explain as simply as possible how this new product will be positioned, suffice it to say that the Velar is meant to fill the gap between the Evoque and the Range Rover. It sounds logical and it really is.

But to limit the explanation of the existence of such a model to mere elementary factual science would be almost a crime. Because Velar itself is a phenomenon in its segment of the market and has practically no direct competitors - at least for now.

Range Rover Velar test drive: range extender

This car is more elegant than Mercedes GLE Coupe and more aristocratic than BMW X6. At the same time, it has significantly higher cross-country ability compared to the two above-mentioned popular models, which, logically, could be considered the closest to it in theory.

Velar is a typical representative of the aristocratic Range Rover family, that is, not much different from everything else on the market.

Design, design and design again

Range Rover Velar test drive: range extender

The exterior of the Velar brings it closer to the Evoque design model than to the "heavy artillery" in the company's lineup. What we don't want to be misunderstood - at over 4,80 meters long and 1,66 meters high, this is an extremely impressive car, but its body proportions are atypically athletic compared to what we usually see from a British specialist. in the creation of luxury SUVs.



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