For the British SUV, two modernized two-liter diesel engines were prepared. Along with the crossover Land Rover Discovery Sport has undergone an update Range Rover Evoque. And he has the same scheme. For the Evoque, two upgraded two-liter diesels were prepared. In the new version of the D165, the unit develops 163 hp. and 380 Nm, and the modification with the D200 index - respectively 204 hp. and 430 Nm. Previous versions D150 and D180 had 150 and 180 hp. in the asset (with the same torque indicators). There is news about gasoline cars. So, the basic version of the P160 will now have front-wheel drive with a three-cylinder 1.5 turbo engine (160 hp, 260 Nm) and a 48-volt starter-generator. The price of this Evoque is £ 32.

Acceleration from 100 to 160 km / h in the Evoque P10,3 with a nine-speed automatic transmission takes 165 seconds, with two pedals and a dual transmission in the D200 and D9,8 - 8,5 and 165 seconds, respectively. D10,1 with manual transmission and front-wheel drive accelerates in XNUMX seconds.

Multimedia can update operating systems, applications and web navigation. The Evoque also features an improved air filtration system that captures PM 2,5 ultrafine particles (2,5 microns or less) and works in tandem with an ionizer.

The Evoque with automatic transmission can be ordered in any standard color, such as the Lafayette Edition crossover, but the latter is available with a custom Nolita Gray roof (previously only available in the first variant). The Lafayette Edition has 20-inch wheels.

The Evoque 2021 offers two types of next-generation multimedia system - basic Pivi and optional Pivi Pro. It differs from the previous one in improved graphics and performance, a more convenient menu, and the ability to update software over the air. Plus, a new application appears - the music service Spotify.

The Evoque, like the Discovery Sport, features a second generation waterproof shockproof Activity Key and 3D surround cameras. Finally, buyers will be offered a new top-of-the-line Autobiography and Lafayette specialization with original exterior and interior layouts.



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